New Xbox 360 Controller with D-Pad Redesign Unveiled

Microsoft is on a row. First; they announced the new pricing for Xbox LIVE, now Microsoft unveils an all new Xbox 360 controller with a D-Pad redesign for only $64.99.

The new controller will only be available with the Play & Charge Kit on November 9th in the U.S. and beginning early 2011 in the UK. Check out Major Nelson’s announcement video.

This should get 360 fighting game fans excited, if they don’t own a fighting stick yet of course. What do you guys think, good deal or too expensive?

  • I really love the way that controller looks but $65 dollars is way to much, plus I don’t like the charge kits. I use a AA charger at home. Including the fact that they are raising the price of Live, it’s making my PS3 look a little sexier.

  • Microsoft just keeps getting things wrong. Instead of making a Bluetooh controller with a dongle, they keep using the same technology but decide you to charge more.

    Hmmm…sounds just like Xbox Live to me.

  • Not sure wtf they are thinking here. Most fighting game 360 gamers already own a damn joystick.

  • Jaevicious

    Controller looks sick as hell… Once they drop that play n charge and sell it for the normal price 49.99. Im on it.