Is PlayStation Plus a Better Deal Now? Xbox Live Gets more Expensive

With the recent price increase announcement of Xbox Live, does this make PlayStation Plus a better deal now? Xbox LIVE’s old pricing has always been a fair price considering the amount of features it delivers, and hopefully this price increase introduces new features that will make the extra $10 worth the change., but let’s not forget another great price the PSN offers, free 99.

While Sony offers free PlayStation Network access, which allows you to play online chat with friends, download demos and much more, they also offer PlayStation Plus for a fee of $49.99 a year, which entitles you to everything the free subscription offers, plus exclusive features and offers for subscribers. Although PS Plus and Xbox Live work offer different features and work different, PlayStation Plus just got started, so a price increase would not be a concern and more features and content is sure to come. So, does this make PlayStation Plus a better deal now? Let’s face it, PS Plus has been getting mixed reviews, but it’s still too early to tell what it’s full potential is.

The latest price changes for Xbox Live will affect all Xbox Live gamers and I do see why some people may get upset, but in due time Microsoft may announce what this new pricing has to offer. But we have to admit that Sony’s pricing at Free 99 is very nice, and may very well be the selling point when making a console purchase. Why hasn’t Microsoft considered a Free Xbox Live subscription? Now, that would have had made tons of positive noise.

For now, we recommend you upgrade your Xbox LIVE subscription to avoid the extra $10 come November 1st.

Xbox Live Price changes

  • no it doesn’t make it a better deal or make any difference!
    PSN+ is just getting MORE out of the PSN Store nothing more!
    The main thing is PSN is always free to play online.

    Xbox Live is ahead because of all the features it has and with the use of Multi tasking, it made it possible.
    PS3 cannot multi task so we will not see Cross Game Chat.

    Though Xbox LIve increasing in price will put people off, it can lead them into trusting PSN more. But will not make any difference to PSN+, it’s just getting more deals and benefit from the PSN Store.

  • Games’R’us

    Ah Live, the service without servers, where people pay for p2p connectivity, gamertags, achievements and uniform friendslists…and more stuff that’s freely accessable elsewhere. Amazing.

  • DEAverage

    Psn is the better deal…and cross game can be done on the ps3…but only xbl junkies worth it…Xbl price hike is just another way to pay for there system going down the drain

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  • Games’R’us

    Cross gamechat, when will they ever learn? When we are fighting on dedicated servers with up to 255 other FPS maniacs WE SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO CHAT with our buddy racing 15 opponents on Daytona.
    But I can imagine it’s different for the people playing THROUGH Live, stuck in a 10 player Gears glitchfest or Forza’s whopping 8 car racegrid. Charging for chat while the other offers the Play Create Share genre for free…

    No, PSN is way ahead of Live these days, and an increase in your fee doesn’t change that.

  • This is the dumbest thing Microsoft could ever do. I recently subscribed for 3 months for $9.99. They want $24.99. HAHAHA.

    The jokes on Microsoft. They just announced that they made over 1 Million Dollars off Xbox Live. Like I wrote before, people are brainwashed by Xbox Live and Microsoft knows it hence the price increase.

  • Jay

    When I think of those 3 cents a day that I will pay additionally for live, it makes me wonder if its worth it or should I only use the mediocre PSN. =}

    • TheL1T1G4T0R

      LoL. Your sarcasm is duly noted.

      You are proof that Microsoft doesn’t have to improve anything. If you’re willing to pay anything more than what they first charged you for getting on Xbox Live, your actions speak for themselves.

      I’m sorry. There’s no defending this. Attempting to is just plain ignorant. If you don’t own company stock, there’s no logical reasoning for it and trying to make light of the situation by using the “mediocre” PSN is even more vapid.

      Bottom line…the jokes on you. I game for free. I watch Netflix and Hulu without paying a PSN fee. And I can chat / message my large friends list for free.

      Whether you think PSN is mediocre doesn’t really matter. You lost credibility the moment you decided to behind over for Microsoft. Oh well…at least I’m not the one selling out money to get ripped off.

  • Games’R’us

    There you go, Jay said it, paying ONLY 3 cents doesn’t hurt a bit, hence PSN is mediocre. Yes it hurts, 50 bucks equals one retail videogame. I love videogames. Try Warhawk, KZ2, MotorStorm, WipEout HD Fury, MAG (!), LBP and Metal Gear Online, none of these hits 2M players a day, but they sure are fresh:) and running smooth. 8-16-32-64-128-256 players, for free. MAG is the True Modern Warfare by the way, best thing ever 2 happen 2 FPS-gaming since CounterStrike. Join a clan, that’s all there is 2 it. Win Domination well coordinated under 20 mins and ALL other shooters just don’t matter anymore. Proxybattles. Nothing new.

    Whoever jumped in, time 2 crawl out, play games not sales, and play-em for free. online that is, not using a dongle.

    • Jaevicious

      Xbox family plan = $99.99

      divided by 4 gold accounts with the family plan = $24.99 per account.

      I dont know anyone who has paid full price for live. Ive never paid more than $40.00 for the year.

      This site has more PS3 fanbois than N4G Damn…

  • Wow, the price increase is stupid but whether it’s worth it or not is a personal choice. Personnaly, I like Live a little better than PSN. I have tons of friends on live and a lot of them are close friends I grew up with that don’t own PS3’s. Will I pay for the new price increase, probably. What can I say, I love both my Xbox and PS3. Is it worth it? I definitely think so. They are both good services. I would pay for PSN if they were smart enough to charge me for it.