Cliffy B Wants To Slice 50 Cent’s Ass in Half-Is Gears of War 3 Celebrity Ready?

Looks like Cliffy B has taken advantage of Twitter’s latest addition, ‘rapper 50 Cent’ to promote Gears of War 3. In a tweet to 50 Cent, Cliffy B invites 50 cent and DJ Whookid to NC, for some Gears of War 3 action and tells 50, that he will chainsaw his ass in half. Cliffy B (design director for the ‘Gears of War series’) sure knows how to promote, and it seems as if he is very confident that Gears 3 is ready to be played by celebrities.

50 Cent is no stranger to video games, as he starred in video games of his own, ‘Bulletproof, and Blood on The Sand, but If Gears of War 3 is ready to be exposed to the celebrities, then we should expect Gears of War 3 to have whole lot of pre-release content for gamers considering the game is 8 months away from its release, don’t you think?