Sony Crushes PSJailBreak’s Heart and Remains Secure For Now

After only 1 week of the PSjailbreak’s announcement, it appears that all PSJailbreak shipments have officially been canceled thanks to Sony’s silent injunction. While most of us had faith in Sony to do something about the hacking matter, it didn’t look good for several days, Sony was on the ropes, loosing its security crown by finally being successfully hacked.

Earlier this morning e-mails starting going out to all PSJailbreak buyers stating that they have canceled all shipment for PSJailbreak due to an injunction Sony Australia imposed on any company that sold PSjailbreak. Check out the e-mail below:

“We regret to inform you that today Sony Australia imposed an injunction against any company / person’s selling the PS Jailbreak devices, so it is with great regret that we have to inform you that we will not be buying or selling any PS Jailbreak devices. We have just issued a full refund to your card for the pre-order made.

We wish to apologize immensely for any inconvenience this may have caused, and hope that you can understand our position on this matter. Please note the refund we have issued can take approx 5-working days to show on your card.”

Looks like Sony found a way to get off the ropes, and lands a huge combination to steal round 1 of this major Sony vs PSjailbreak battle. For now, all Sony PS3 gamers and enthusiast should be happy that the powerful console remains secured.

  • notsuprized

    Is anyone REALLY shocked to hear about this?. The only thing im shocked about is the fact that this didnt happen like a day after it was announced.

  • V8SuperCars

    LOL Australia FTW!!!!
    When i seen the jailbreak video demo of the maker i could hear he was an Aussie, didnt realise the product was from Australia.

  • ChrisW

    Looks like the Union of Sony Socialist Republics does rule with an iron fist. Damn commies!

  • Dool

    i don’t understand you tqcast guys, last week you were crying sh*t and now it’s your birthday. i was hacked and it was finished , yes no PSN , ok then at least i can play all of PS3 titles til now for Free or MAX 2$ of all of them… if sony release next frimware and remove this sh*t ! we wait to use unofficial frimware and run newer games… sorry tqcast but it happened

    • I didn’t understand anything you said.

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