PlayStation Move Getting Third Party Peripheral Love At Launch

Look like the PlayStation Move is getting some third party love for launch. Hyperkin has announced the release of two new accessories designed specifically for PS3 Move. The Sports Victory Set and the Special Ops Shooter are both designed to work with the new motion sensing controller and promises to bring added fun and immersible realism to PS3 games. check em out.

Special Ops Shooter:

Special Ops Shooter:

· Improves Aiming Accuracy

· Compatible with The Shoot!, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, SOCOM and Similar Titles

· SRP $24.99

· *PS3 Controller Not Included

Sports Victory Set:

Sports Victory Set:

· Compatible with Sports Champion and Similar Titles

· Includes Archery Bow, Table Tennis Paddle, Dagger, Shield

· SRP $29.99

· *PS3 Move Controller Not Included

Hyperkin, an emerging developer of video game peripherals, has developed both accessories in order to compliment the motion-sensing experience of PS3 Move. Each product provides added comfort and operational advantage to games like Time Crisis and Sports Champion.

“The new motion sensing technology that Sony has developed is astonishing,” stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Marketing Director. “Our goal is to offer consumers a complimentary selection of peripherals that enhances the experience of using PS3 move. The Sports Victory Set and the Special Ops Shooter are made from durable material, are moderately priced and offer an excellent advantage to a variety of game titles.”

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    The gun is the only useful looking one, for MAG/RE5 etc. The others are the typical Wii plastic (useless) crap…

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  • oh great now the MOVE will be exactly like the Wii with third parties coming up with trash devices.

  • LeXxX

    don’t the sword and ping pong paddle block the PSMove’s glowing ball from the camra, Making these add ons pretty much useless?