The Sexiest ‘Japan Only’ Sony Game Consoles We Want

As technology advances, video game consoles seem to get sexier and sexier. For some reason, Japan seems to always turn it up a notch and offer some of the best looking and limited edition consoles on the market, making them the most rare and most wanted video game console around, while the rest of us settle for the stock colors, and art-less consoles. Check out some of the best ‘Japan only’ Sony Video Game consoles too sexy, for the rest of the world.

Sony PSX

Although the Sony PSX is not the latest and greatest console out now, this console was well of head of the game when it came out in Japan. The PSX is a combination of the PS1, PS2 and a digital video recorder. PSX is also the first console to bring the Cross Media Bar menu XMB. The PSX was capable of playing games, tune in to television stations, and even record your favorite show. Rare, sexy and only in Japan.

White PS3 – Including Yakuza 3 and FF13 Limited Edition White PS3.

The White PS3 has always been a sexy console that us in the states could never get our hands on, unless we painted our black PS3, or imported it for extra cash. Japan loves white colored consoles, especially as limited edition consoles, such as the Yakuza 3 edition PS3 seen above and the Final Fantasy 13 White with Pink PS3 seen below. These two consoles are very limited and rare since they are Japan exclusives.

Silver PS3

Although the Silver PS3 is not as popular or wanted as the white PS3, the Silver PS3 is yet another PS3 that is only sold in Japan. The Silver PS3 has an industrial look to it while still fitting well in a classy living area or office.

Gran Turismo 5 Blue Titanium PS3

The newest Limited edition console to be announced for Japan only comes in Blue. The Gran Turismo 5 limited edition PS3 Titanium Blue is sure to get Gran Tursimo fans excited for the all Blue console that is due out this November 3rd, in Japan and Japan only.

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  • Kosamus

    No wonder the dreamcast is so popular! Its white, the black was limited though. 2k version i think Japan only has been hard on us since. the 80’s. I remember waiting 2 years just for mario bros 3 to finally get to US. No internet then. Playasia 4tW. Not too hard to remember when we had to rely on 1900 numbers to get cheat codes as well. My mom busted my ass! Damn Bug for saturn:(

  • Siggy

    That Yakuza 3 and Final Fantasy 13 PS3s look amazing, almost like a work of art. Sony needs to bring an updated version of PSX here.

  • I’m going to Japan next month, I’m so looking forward to finding some console goodies!


    @ Kosamus

    The 360 was originally white, and it is last place this generation. Even with a headstart of over a year, and well over a year in Europe. The PS3 has already almost caught up in total sales. Pathetic.

    The 3rd place 360 will likely quit out this generation, even though the PS3/Wii has at least half a year before you can compare the results across the same time span as the 360, after the 360 is discontinued…. you know they have nothing left.

    When you only have one major exclusive each year for the next 3 years, and one is another Halo in standard definition, one is Gears of War (following GeOW2 which was shit and buggy), and Fable 3… hahahha no comment for Fable, we all know it is a joke. That is terrible.

    You can include that Kingdom Crytek game, but we don’t know anything about the God of War wannabe yet.

    It’s over 360… casual is all you care about now. Pathetic. Kinect is the worst motion solution out there (which is why Sony AND Nintendo passed on it years ago, it was even good enough YEARS AGO)… hahahha

    • Anonymous

      what universe are you from.  The 360 is killing the PS3 in UK and North America and only the Wii is outselling it worldwide.

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