PS Jailbreak Dealers Send Out Warning E-mail Regarding Sony’s Next Firmware Update

If you pre-ordered a PS Jailbreak, you might want to cancel or at least read the following. PS dealers are currently sending out warning e-mails regarding Sony’s expected firmware update that might start detecting the hack. Apparently all authorize PS jailbreak dealers are recommending all buyers to stay on firmware 3.41 till further notice.

We received a forward e-mail from one of our readers claiming that PS jailbreak suppliers are ready for Sony, but recommend that all buyers stay at firmware 3.41 til further notice or they will destroy their warranty. Read e-mail below.

“Just a friendly update email and some advice for you over the coming days and weeks.

While PS Jailbreak team have told us it should be possible to support future firmware versions on the PS3, it’s is not guaranteed, they will need to access any newer firmware’s than 3.41 and if needed release an update for the PS Jailbreak to support the newer firmware’s. So we wanted to give you all some advice that if a system update is released for the PS3 in the coming days or before you receive your PS Jailbreak which blocks system updates, we recommend that nobody update their PS3 for the time being. If a PS3 system update newer than 3.41 is released you should keep an eye on the PS Jailbreak website for news on compatibility with the PS Jailbreak on the new firmware’s. Only update your PS3 past 3.41 firmware if the PS Jailbreak team say that it’s safe to do.”

Seem like the PS jailbreak crew is ready to take on Sony. For those that pre-ordered, you might want to reconsider. This looks like it’s gonna get crazy as the battle between Sony and PS jailbreak might have just begun.

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  • Lara

    Would be nice if the idiots who created JB would get sued or better yet sent to prison for their stupidity.

  • Ben

    This kind of stuff only hurts the game industry. The guys who created the JB should be sued.

  • Jason

    why must people do this type of stuff. this does not help the game industry. why break the law. anyone affiliated with JB, I hope your roof collapses on top of you 🙂

  • JDE

    See Sony? This is what happens when you take away functionality that people bought the system for. It encourages hackers and the like to come up with ways to bring that functionality back, or even add new functionality. You can try all you want to keep it from happening, but eventually, SOMEONE is gonna figure it out. I’m not saying that I approve of it, as I would never intend on breaking the law, but that doesn’t mean others wouldn’t, either because they want to, or simply because they can.

  • cell989

    i love this stuff, when the titan with all its money and resources gets pwned by a small “amature” unknown team.

  • cell989

    take that corporate rats

  • Jorgan

    @ the idiots defending Sony, all youre doing is making sure Sony rapes you silly even more. When you take away functionality that was promised from the beginning and you paid for, than an alternative must be considered. Im not going to let Sony control how I game on MY PS3, I can do whatever I want with it because I PURCHASED it, you take away Other OS Support and Backward compatibility, for your own sake? than be ready for consumers to break the rules and promises too

  • Nate

    @ the idiots defending these idiots.

    Yes because the reason they came out with ‘PSJailbreak’ was to bring back OtherOS support. Dumbass…

  • J-R

    @ idiots supporting these idiots.
    You guys r dumbasses complaining about a feature the 99% of ps3 users didnt use… You want something and when u had it u didn;t even use it… And now u rant about how it’s ok for a bunch of idiots to hack the system when that OS feature was taken away bc of them to begin with… If u should be mad at someone it’s these assholes u dumbasses… Seriously i never new their were so many morons amongst gamers

  • g

    @ J-R

    only moron here is you with your bad grammar, you might want to get a spell checker.

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  • Machieavelli

    the truth is 95 percent of all video games suck balls and should not be paid for the only games that should be bought are sports games,COD games,GTA games, and Metal Gear Solid games…if spend money on BS games you should get arrested raped in jail and bubba should make you eat shit and die…yea is cool if your a kid and u own alot of games thats expected…but if your fucking 30 yers old and u sit home all fuckin day with no life playing gmes and calling every one a nigger on COD games you should kill yourself loser. Sony can suck my balls 2 times i could care less about fortune 500 companies they are blood sucking ticks…if some on out smarts them its against the law.. but if they for example make you pay 50 dollars a year so you can pay less on some old shit “PSN PLUS is ok right….fuck what sony thinks or plans i hope the jailbreak does me wonders and i hope they keep jailbreaking it if it gets patched..going to jail for something u already paid for fuck what you fagholes think