PlayStation Move Hates Bright Lighting- Major Flaw

During TQcast’s PlayStation Move event, a major flaw was discovered on the PS Move. The PS move hates bright lighting.

TQcast hosted their PS Move Live party outdoors and had a hard time calibrating the PS Move controllers, due to the brightness outside. Apparently, bright lighting interferes with the PS Move calibration as it failed to detect or calibrate the controller. This was not under direct sunlight, the setup was stationed within a shaded patio, with sunlight coming through a few angles. Check out the video below.

  • TigerClaw

    Maybe you guys should take into account that the brightness is cause you guys are trying to play it on broad daylight outside, Clearly this thing was design to be indoors. hah

    • me myself and i

      Who would have thought the sun would be brighter than the Move bulb? ¬_¬ /s

      • Noobiablos

        What? You seriously doubted Sony’s ability to put a power ball that burned brighter than the sun in the palm of your hand, all the while attaching said power ball to super plastic that could withstand temperatures greater than the sun, and AT THE SAME TIME manage to contain all of this power inside of said power ball so people could use it safely for entertainment?! You SERIOUSLY doubted they could do that?!

  • Ton

    Well i guess i got to put the roof back on my house…

  • Nate

    How is this news? Anyone with a brain should know this. The camera is tracking a light sphere so yeah, anything brighter than the sphere would hinder the camera’s tracking.

    Ease up on the drinks fellas.

  • Axe99

    Aye, this is hardly ‘news’! What proportion of the video game-playing public game outside anyways?!

  • sf

    well i think more play at night than in a room where the tv faces windows(glare?) so its still better than natal which requires lights, large room, proper clothing, and a standing player

  • Astevez

    Well, thats fairily common sense, at least its still b8r than natal

  • Thill

    Wow what a stretch to think a camera based light tracking tool might have a little trouble when an outside light is brighter!!!

    Who thinks it’s a good idea to put a TV outside and play games…because that’s what real gamers like playing games in the heat.

  • Hmm

    How many people are playing their PS3’s outside?

  • Red

    You know what? Im a gamer in my mid twenties, and I know you children might not be able to comprehend this, but I do in fact game in the day time (GASP!). I game with my curtains open so that I dont have to waste electicity on lights (BILLS? GASP!), and so that I get the enjoyment of the days light on my non hermit face (ENJOYING DAYLIGHT? GASP!). I know, I know, its odd being an adult who works during the day and sleeps at night, but thats how some of us live fellas, I swear.

    The gaming public nearly shat themselves when they found out Kinect had a hard time tracking people sitting down or in low light, but somehow having an abundance of light messing with your gaming isnt an issue? What happens if you have a light somehwere behind you while youre playing with Move, or a window? Are we expected to rearrange our living rooms? This may not be a problem for the stay-up-all-night-playing-CoD-while-my-parents-are-asleep crowd, but for the rest of us, including Move’s target audience, being asked to close the curtains and move any lights that may be in your area presents a real problem.

    Now please, little kids with no responsibility or common sense, continue spouting off how this is a non issue and how the writer of this article is a MSoft fanboy. Leave the actual problem solving to the grown ups.

    • TheTruthIsHere

      @ Red

      Poor Red, in life you are probably not getting any respect or acknowledgment, so you have to come on line and belittle people, pretending everyone but yourself is a kid. You then have to repeatedly stress that you yourself are an adult.

      I’m sorry, but we’re not here to be a shoulder for you to cry on. Your life sucks, deal with it.

      I am an adult, and gaming in direct sunlight is just stupid. If you are gaming in front on a large window with sunlight, you will have glare on your screen… doing so makes very little sense.

      People are trying to discredit the move a lot more these days, because the press around Kinect hasn’t been able to find anything positive with it.

      Problems with Move:
      – Cannot play in the sun

      Problems with Kinect:
      – Cannot play in the sun
      – Must be 1 meter away from the screen
      – Must be within 4 meters from the screen
      – Camera has worse specs than the PS Eye
      – Plagued with lag
      – Has incredibly bad accuracy
      – You must not have long hair, as the camera will go out of sync trying to find your neck
      – Must be played with tight clothes, same issue as above
      – Cannot track fingers or if your hand is open
      – Has issues with accents
      – Only tracks 20 joints maximum per person, cannot track more than 46 joints total
      – Cannot be played sitting down
      – Cannot work in darker or dimly lit areas
      – Sync issue with various clothing textures, especially shiny or reflective clothing (bright colours as well, such as white)
      – Overlapping players causes issues (P1 in front of P2)
      – Issues tracking players from profile shots (sideways)
      – Must be sync’d very often… very… very often
      – Kinect games take a 15% system performance hit
      – Cannot scan objects or images at this time (although like most features that are not currently possible, they have faked this feature publicly)
      – Cannot track joint rotations (major issue)

      Those are just a few of many problems I’ve noticed using the device, or have taken straight from their own documentation. I have close ties with a developer currently working on a Kinect project. You can trust me when saying that those above problems are very real, and will still be present at launch. Most of those are not even on their agenda yet to fix, despite being aware of them and still faking their functionality live.

      Nice attempt trying to make connect seem like it has issues, I only hope that the media, and uninformed users like our friend Red here (the only “adult” on the internet), will give their honest opinion on the many Kinect issues when the device becomes more accessible to the public. We wouldn’t want biased journalism now would we?

      • TheTruthIsHere

        I actually copy and pasted that comment from a guy on Kotaku who claims to be in the industry, it seems legit.

        • TheTruthIsHere

          Website mods, please delete these comments. The user I copied this information from doesn’t seem very reliable. It is probably wise to remove these comments since the information does not come from a proper source, and could be made up completely spreading false information.

          I do not back any of these claims myself, and do not stand by any of these comments, since they are based on information from a separate party that I misquoted, and was largely false.

    • Axe99

      Hey Red, there is a _huge_ difference in the intensity of light between playing in a well-lit loungeroom in summer in daytime, and playing outside – if you have a digital camera, fix the aperture setting, and then see the difference you get for the shutter speed inside and out, to give you some idea of the difference.

  • tarbis

    I don’t know if you guys are just drunk or got a pea for a brain. The last time I checked the PS3 is a HOME CONSOLE not an OUTDOOR CONSOLE!
    Let’s hear it from the geniuses that play their HOME CONSOLE outdoors. Bravo! really, B-R-A-V-O!!!

  • Your Mom


    Wow, you have any idea how stupid you sound? Butthurt Xbox or what? Don’t you find it a tad ironic that your the one claiming to be oh-so-mature, yet you’re the one calling everyone else little kids, and doing it in the most childish way possible?

    Do you haul your PS3 and TV out onto the front lawn to play? No, you don’t. You play inside. No matter how bright the room you’re playing in is, it’s not as bright as it is outdoors.

    You might as well test the damn thing in the pool and call it a major flaw when it doesn’t work. Oh, and it doesn’t work through walls! Major flaw!

  • Jaim7

    Obviously PS3 fanboys hating life right now. Face it boys, a flaw is discovered and you guys get very defensive. It’s always something people don’t know about, that bother them the most. These guys actually tried it out and gave us images and video of the PS Move’s flaw. It’s a fact! This doesn’t have to be outdoors, even Sony outsmarts you dumb asses they specifically say “the lighting conditions are too bright”. I think knowing about this flaw would help customers, especially the ones that Sony is aiming for, not all gamers play in the dark, families would love to play in a well lighted room. You kids need to grow a brain to understand that the this has nothing to do with fanboyism, it’s a fact!

  • Shendow

    Fucking trash, Major flaw is that the guys of this site got no brain.

    Why not you try it in the street next time? Or maybe on the highway, maybe you guys might get your brain knock back into you.

  • I agree with the Truthisheretostay.
    Why game under the sunlight, first thing is- it’s impossible because it will distract your gaming. Why? because the sun will glare directly into your eyes or causes reflection on the screen.

    Happens to me all the time and though leads me to adjust my window blinds.
    Who the fark would game outside!?? why the hell would you wanna have a party outside? instead of inside.

    Gamers getting more study nowadays!
    Saying MOVE cannot work in low dim lit rooms can be a problem but MOVE cannot work is bright room is just retarded.

  • Jaim7

    The Nintendo Wii can do it outdoors, enough said.

  • lewis

    you guys are dumb lol..ever tried playing inside when the sun is out with your curtains/blinds open?.. you can barely see the god damn screen, common sense says if you take it outside where its even brighter thats going to become an issue lmao.. not only this it staes “conditions are bright, please close your curtains” or whatever(which clearly indicates that its an indoor device lol).. then not only that you ‘bypass’ the warnings, and it worked! lol.. you guys need to drink less lol.. theres like 99% chance that all playstation move setups will be played indoors.. and if your going to have an outside setup for a house party during the day where people would want to play the Move then atleast dont do it on some cheap as set up with tonnes of light(back to the common sense) and on some tiny ass tv lol.. i mean look at the top image you can see how bright it is from that

  • shendow

    I got a room full of windows and the sunlight wouldn’t be much of a problem, this is all dumb shit.

    Not to many people are going to play video games outside in less it is a psp or ds. I can see how this person can call themselfs smart, if they think being outside vs inside is the same if their is sunlight.

  • William

    @jaim & red
    Could the two of you sound any more pathetic. First off for argument sake let’s say this was a “major flaw” it’s only one and not that big a deal it’s not asking you to turn off all your lights and play in the dark, the camera just needs to see the light. The fact that the two of you are jumping on this like it’s some sort of victory is absolutely hilarious. especially coming from such an adult in Red, the big adult who plays games all day when most real adults are working. You two truly are pathetic losers.

    And for the guys at tqcast I lost all respect for this site, and believe me there wasn’t much there to begin with. This is without a doubt the worst case of bias I have ever seen, you don’t even have the balls to admit that it was still working fine after you went through the calibration settings, which if being half of a respectable “journalist” you would admit that was pretty impressive that it still managed to work in the brightness of the sunlight.

    Who in their right f*****g mind would set up there tv/gaming system outdoors and who the f*** has lights in there house/apartment that are bright enough to drown out the spheres light? This will be the last time I will ever check out your pathetic site.

    Also to all you losers who are jumping for joy that these idiots claim to have found a major flaw let me remind all of you that not only is this the poorest attempt ever seen to discredit anything but that it is the first and only “flaw” that has been “discovered” to date. And we are only weeks away from release. BTW notice I haven’t mentioned the future of gaming device Kinect which has been shown to have a laundry list of true flaws and not to mention not a single game that will cater to a true gamer. If their attempt to reach real gamers is the Harry Potter shooter on “rails” then there is your real EPIC FAIL! Assholes!

  • Sam

    @wiiliam STFU! You sound like a true fan boy, you just mad you dont have the move. Silly kid. if this were kinect fail news you would be bashing the comments on how you knew kinect was garbage.
    And for the record, the Wii can do it outside without issues, enough said watch the proof

  • Ed

    I love how even though after the warning and you guys were saying how it’s a major flaw…. IT STILL WORKED

  • Og

    @ton LOL,.

  • tarbis

    Do you even have a thing called brain? The Wii uses infrared, bright lights is not a factor for infrared. But having someone pass through between the sensors will disconnect the transmission of the infrared, unlike the Move which uses bluetooth.

  • William

    First off Sam I never mentioned the wii in my response to RED & JAIM I referenced the Kinect and how there were so many “Flaws” with that so called new “technology” (PS EYE). So obviously you come off as the “liitle kid fanboy” who starts screaming STFU when you see someone pointing out the truth.

    What’s funny is that I didn’t even mention the Kinect until the last sentence in my argument and even then I didn’t say that the Kinect sucks or anything like that I was just pointing out that there has been more real “flaws” with it. Sam anyone who feels the need to call someone a “little kid” and start off a sentence by typing “STFU” is is either a child themselves or just a complete idiot. I’m leaning towards you being both, since that’s always seems to be the case with all the pathetic XBOX “fanboy” apologists.

    Learn to read and write then come back and try to hang with the grown-ups. Until then keep your sorry illiterate ass trolling the N4G comments section screaming “STFU” to anyone who points out how much the Kinect SUCKS! Oops did I say that?

  • Lol

    Did you have a game of touch football going on inside? Maybe a game of horse shoes set up in the hallway? I mean come the F on, you kidding me?

  • TAZ

    Maybe you all need to upgrade your video camera, because apparently it isn’t compatible with bright lights either.

    BTW, what’s it like playing a video game looking at the screen w/ the sun setting out beyond it? Maybe you should move it in doors and draw the current on that shit.

  • Johnsmith

    Aw naw, r y’all tellin me I gotta move my couch in off ma lawn