The PS3 is now the Original Xbox Thanks To PS JailBreak

The original Xbox is still used today by many because of its media and game backup capabilities once the console is hacked. Much like the original Xbox, the PS Jailbreak appears to do the same thing for the PS3, allowing you to copy games to the hard drive, and eventually allow you to install homebrew software for emulators and much more.

At this point, the biggest concern would be the hard drive space on your PS3, a 500GB hard drive is probably the way to go, but much like the original Xbox, you can always transfer files back and forth to your PC.

After numerous amounts of videos out, showing the simplicity of the PS3 Jail Break, this video is the easiest to follow. check out video below.

  • Filty

    Nice. This is really good news for all gamers, PS3 fanboys or not. Now I would really consider buying a PS3 because I would be able to “backup” and play all the great exclusive games PS3 offers and still use my Xbox 360 for Xbox live. It would also be really cool if they developed a homebrew app for boxee or hulu, it would make the PS3 the ultimate media player.

  • what!? YES!
    XBMC for my PS3 here it comes! I can’t wait!

    i love the xbox 1 so much because of the way it gets hacke:)

    with this we can install our own FireFox!
    we are tired of the faulty ps3 browser.

  • lewis

    do you guys just constantly chat shit on here? lol.. this ‘jailbreak’ doesnt and wont/cannot allow emulators OR homebrew on the ps3.. infact it cant even allow piracy.. the device only works when plugged into a ps3 with an external hardrivealso inserted at the same time.. not only that, it only allows backing up from disc.. so please to talking crap based on rumours just to get more hits lol.. i wonder if this device works outside? LMFAO

  • lol

    lewis you are a fucking idiot
    it does allow homebrew and emu to be run

    unsigned code can be run when the ps3 is in debug mode
    you idiot

  • lewis is just a retard end off.
    Right now the usb has backup manager, once people starts working on programs it can allow us to run emulator.
    USB is just an exploit nothing more.

  • Jacob

    All sony has to do is do a firmware update and this is all done for.

  • Anno

    @ Jacob

    Tell that to the PSP

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  • Ross

    This is some stupid shit, just pay for your games goddamn it.