Blacklight:Tango Down XBLA Review

With so many first person shooters out on the market, it is difficult to pass up on decent ones, especially if you are a fan of the genre. Blacklight: Tango Down is another option to get your shooter fix, at an affordable price.

Gameplay /Story: When you first fire the game up, you will enter a “Combat Zone” where you will find private and public matches. Next is the Black Ops missions, you can either play solo or kill the enemies with your friends. In Black Ops you can’t figure out if it’s the main campaign or if it’s just another random mission that you play with your buddies. When you start the mission you are placed right in front of the action with only objectives needed to accomplish to proceed to the next round. This area of the combat zone lacks storyline and lacks clues to what is happening around this over-run and destroyed city. You will have to go to the “How to Play” section to find out what your purpose in the game is.

You are a Blacklight covert ops Soldier, who is fighting against the “The Order”, an organization composed of Ex-US Special Forces. The path to which you move throughout the city is very linear and no true depth to the enemies that are shooting at you, it seems like they are only programmed to shoot and cover, on an occasion, they might try to flank you, but continue to stay in cover. aligning yourself when taking shots, will guaranteed a kill, almost every time.

These Black Missions were poorly designed and did not have enough substance to keep me playing more levels, there are no boss battles, no story, but there is zombies! What is it with almost every single game having infected or zombies in their games? This is unoriginal and frankly, it’s getting old.

Apart from the Black Ops, we also have the main dish of multi-player, where most of the gamers spend their time. As soon as you enter a room, the match will start, surprisingly, it’s easy to find a multiplayer game. There are seven different modes, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Retrieval, Detonate, Domination, Last man standing, and Last Team Standing. There are twelve maps to keep each match diversified. Almost every map felt like a lighter and less dark version of the Killzone 3 maps, it felt gritty with a pinch of a dark essence of the city at night and with a lot of high and low structured buildings. Every team will spawn from their own HQ’s on the opposite side of the map, both camps are protected with turrets to prevent the enemy from coming in to their base and completely dominating them. Although the enemies can’t enter your base, they can camp outside with their aims ready to take you down.

Every time you rank up, you are awarded an upgrade and the ability to customize your gear. This feature can have you playing the game for long periods. You also have a Hyper Reality Visor that lets you see your enemies in X-Ray vision, and digi grenades that distort your surroundings when they go off.

Graphics: The game is has some pretty graphics, it can fool you into thinking that the game is a full retail game. The animations on the characters are nothing spectacular, although getting shot down, disintegrates your soldier like ash. The over all environment feels like you are in a digital world, or in a virtual simulator.

Controls: The controls are copied straight from the Call of Duty Series, this definitely not a bad idea since most gamers are familiar with the COD control scheme. Left and Right triggers are for aim and shoot, L and R Bumpers are for grenades, X for reload, A Jump, B crouch, and up on the D-Pad will bring down your Visor.

Sound: The sound to the game is average, there won’t be much dialogue involved, you will occasionally hear directions to your next objective from a voice of a Russian lady with a sexy accent and your soldier will respond with a raspy voice that sounds like the sound actor smoked a few too many. The music that is played in the menus sounds like an upbeat techno or electronica, it goes well with the cyber type world that the game is trying to portray, you won’t hear music during gameplay which is always a plus.

Wishes or Changes: My biggest gripe about the game is the fact that there is no story that can explain who you are fighting and why some US soldiers have gone rouge. A decent campaign could be an improvement and could add more excitement if it was done right. All these wishes can be answered and changed when the sequel comes out next year 2011.

Final Verdict: Overall Blacklight:Tango Down can be a quick shooter fix for quick online multiplayer play, but don’t expect a single player campaign. If shooters is your genre, then Blacklight: Tango Down is well worth your time.

This Tango gets 3 michelas out of 5

Blacklight: Tango Down
Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment
Released: July 7, 2010 (XBLA)(PSN Coming Soon)
MSRP: 1200 Microsoft Points
Reviewed By: Denoch

  • Awesome review Denoch! From what you describe it, it seems like a game Juice would like. A fast pick-up-n-go shooter. The graphics looks nice for an arcade game. Can’t wait till it hits the PSN!