Xbox 360 Gamers, Get Better Sound From Your Games For Much Less

One of the most underrated features about video games has to be the sound. You can play a great game such as Uncharted 2 or Halo, but if your sound lacks bass, treble, and clarity, you are not getting the experience, video game developers intend you to have. While having a top of the line surround sound system is great, not everybody can blast their system loud enough without bothering family or neighbors, unless you live in boonies somewhere. Luckily, for us city gamers, there are gaming headsets.

Turtle Beach offers a variety of gaming headsets for a decent price, but today’s price just got lower than ever. Dell is currently offering The Ear Force X11 for only $34.99 with free shipping. Although they marketed as a 360 headset, these also work well with the PS3, minus PSN chat. These are design to work with Xbox LIVE chat only, but you can get sound on both consoles, using the audio cables provided on your consoles. Never-the-less, for $34.99 these headsets are worth the money.