Choose Your Destiny or Your Wallet?

The first Mortal Kombat game immediately captured the attention of Arcade gamers and the majority of their quarters back in 1992. Now almost eighteen years later, gamers are still hooked but this time, their consoles are the destination for the latest epic installment of the Mortal Kombat series. With so much competition for your money in the fighting genre, is choosing your destiny one more time in Mortal Kombat really worth the price?

At Gamescom 2010, Producer Hector Sanchez released new details about the ninth version Mortal Kombat and confirmed the series’ return to it’s bloody roots. Still that doesn’t mean there won’t be new additions. Just look at the HD trailer and you will quickly see this is not the same game you bought years ago. While the list of characters has grown tremendously, their respective styles started to overlap and it became overly ridiculous with multiple ninja types, multiple robots, and even several female characters sharing the same costume.

But this game is going to strive to make each character different…most likely in the area of fighting of course. We’ll see more customized fatalities, weapons, and perhaps even some dramatic costume overhauls. But is that really enough to tear us away from the likes of Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken X Street Fighter, or any other modern day fighter?

The promise of faster game play is not original nor does it do anything to enhance the feeling of nostalgia. Perhaps it will excite experienced fighting gamers but will that carry over to the average gamer and more importantly newcomers to the series?

An aggressive pricing of $39.99 would definitely help many throw caution to the wind but where is the innovation? Fatalities are great and humorous additions like Babalities and Friendships changed things up. Will we see mini games like Test Your Might, Motor Kombat, and Kombat Chess all return to help this game pack enough punch to fight for our attention? It would be nice to have all these things instead of seeing each of them fade with each new game. Just imagine a Mortal Kombat game with everything you have seen from the past eighteen years. Even a $60 price might be justified at that point. But the question still looms…would you pay it?

Do you think Mortal Kombat  is moving in the right direction? What would you like to see in the next installment?

  • Honestly, I am pretty excited about this game. It may be the first good MK game in awhile. I actually liked the old fighting style though. I thought the game was great when the characters had all the same basic moves and different special moves. My favorite is MK2 and it looks like they are modeling after the first two games, we will just have to wait and see.

  • Yeah, this game looks sikk. I’m also excited about the rumored Mortal Kombat HD remakes for PSN and XBLA

  • I’m personally more excited for this than any other fighting game, and just as excited for it as the games I’m most excited for like RAGE, Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, Diablo 3 or Dragon Age 2. Mortal Kombat is right on that list for me. I’ll also be getting Marvel vs Capcom 3, but that’s more for the Marvel fanboy in me and the awesomeness of playing a good fighting game with Marvel character.

    But the hardcore fighting fan in me will be playing Mortal Kombat. It’s always been my favorite fighting game series since MK1 hit arcades and I’ve loved every MK besides original MK3 and MK4. But this new MK looks to me like it will surpass MK2 and Deception as my favorite in the series.

    Oh and congrats to Ed Boon on making the Video Game Guiness Book for being the longest running voice for a video game character. GET OVER HERE!!!!