The Best Reason the Mass Effect Series Belongs on The PS3

Ever since the announcement of Mass Effect making it’s way to the PS3, there have been many opinions, on why it should be on the PS3 or why it shouldn’t be on the PS3. Microsoft fans want to keep Mass Effect as an exclusive, while PS3 gamers want not only Mass Effect 2, but also Mass Effect 1. But forget every other reason out there, we are here to back up Mass Effect 2 for one reason and one reason only.

A game like Mass Effect 2, shouldn’t need more than one disc to play. As time progresses, this will indeed be a major factor for other games as well. Mass Effect 2, welcome to Blu-Ray! One game, one disc. Heck, both games could fit on a Blu-Ray.

  • Paulm

    hahahahahahahahaha, desz you a fool for this one! Classic! lol

  • CoolMike

    lol true.

  • Roger

    Come to think of it, I guess u can fit both game sin one

  • Mark

    And yet the inevitable 5GB install and crappy load times will make the blu-ray storage moot…

  • Manoj

    wat a stupid article…it was the most obvious reason..thot u wil go for a diff approach

  • d0x

    Microsoft fans don’t want it on ps3? Id wager the vast majority don’t give a shit. Its the n4g fanboys that ruin gaming. Play GAMES not consoles.

  • Kimono Boy

    Wow, Iv heard how cool it was from my friends, cant wait for this! But i wonder what microsofts feeling about this, mass effect was one of its “exclusives”