PS3 Remains Unhackable Yet Again, Who’s Next? Yet Again

Ok, so most of you might have heard that there has been some development in hacking the PS3. Videos have been uploaded on the net, supposedly proving that the PS3 is now fully hackable using a chip and a USB dongle. But why did the so called “hackers” use a debugged PS3 system?

Debugged PS3’s or using the PS3 in Debug mode, are known to do exactly what he PS3 hacks videos are proving, play games from the hard drive by copying from the actual disc. Debug PS3’s can run unsigned code, these systems are used for testing purposes, and really wouldn’t benefit the everyday PS3 gamer because you won’t even be able to connect to the PlayStation Network. While the hack appears to be authentic, the hack is software based, and can easily be overturned by Sony through a simple patch and adding a required firmware check on new game disc. Of course you will continue to have hackers updating the mods as patches come out. While this is huge gaming news, it’s terrible for developers that spend countless hours trying to perfect a game. As more videos start surfacing the internet, it is clear that Sony needs to act fast, if they haven’t already. But, it wouldn’t be a surprise, if Sony themselves had discovered this hole and have plans to extinguish the fire before it spreads.

One final thought:
If the hack indeed works, the PSN would be non-existing. Sony releases a firmware update, and done! Yes, you can buy a separate PS3 for that, but how many of us have the internet speed to download a full blown Blu-ray image, let alone, upload them? Obviously copying a game directly to the PS3 would be the only convenient way, but then comes hard drive storage space. Sony can cap the space to only allow up to a certain size, much like Microsoft has, but in comes the file transfers, that would allow you to transfer game files back and forth from HDD to HDD. Having a hack exposed to the public like it has today, has it’s positives and negative’s, but the negatives will more than likely affect the hacking progress in due time.

Update**** Joystiq has similar theories on how this would work..
Eurogamer also shares similar thoughts about a quick fix

Also A PS3 Dev shares his thoughts on this Dongle/Chip PS3 hack right here.

Here is the video showing the hack..(There are different ways you can trick viewers, but I will admit it looks valid)

Let’s hear your thoughts.

  • Michael A

    After initially being very skeptical, I have come to the conclusion that it’s most likely real and working.

    YES – the videos are utter crap and could easily be faked just by hooking up a PC playing a HD quality recording – and none of them go past the title screen.

    Yet that’s now 7-8 reputable long time mod sellers with known names who now say that they have it and it works. Mathieu has come to the same conclusion.

    Most likely this USB is a clone of a factory diagnostics device that patches memory to redirect some calls to the hard drive and keep others going to the (authentic) Blu Ray. It will likely be broken by Sony in the next update, unless they are REALLY unlucky/stupid and there is some kind of hardwired open-all-floodgates trigger that this pushes. I’m not updating mine in the next couple of weeks 😉

    • plmko

      No need to remain skeptical, the first review was provided by Ozmodchips, which is a 100% reliable Australian store that was been around for nearly 10years.

      But like the article said, it isn’t so much as a hack but an abuse of a bug that would be stamped out by Sony’s Firmware upgrades. Essentially condemning the scene to an endless game of cat and mouse.

      However I don’t see how the size cap will solve their problems because 90% of the games on PS3 discs contain lots of dummy data that can be cut away and shrunk to almost fit on a DVD. A good example is a certain Chess Wii game that can be shrunk to 23mb.

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  • c#raven

    Ok, your article starts with “ps3 remains unhackable yet again” to …ok it sort of works, but don’t do it. wtf is that all about?
    Secondly, you think people really care what or how they got it? You know what they care about? ..That it works.
    Thirdly, on all these sites running their mouths about how all Sony needs to do is come out with a patch and it’s solved. Ok…What if we don’t plan on using it with the psn? What then?
    And if one more person says the other dumb defense of “well it’s a waste cause ps3 games are like 50 gigs each” ….

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  • Nikola

    No,you can’t disable this hardware even with new firmware,because it’s hardware hack,not software. USB jail thingy is based on Jig Stick wich all official sony retailes have. It is used to boot up console in debug mode,bypasing any firmware! Backup manager is created using official ps3 skd,so it can’t be blocked.. But good luck sony trying to stop this 🙂

    Sorry for bad english

  • Dool

    by the way not all of bluray game are 40GB genius, for example Army of 2 is 4GB even less Size than it’s Xbox version.
    Bypass Frimware just like PSP

  • meh

    Oh Noes no psn!! just like my banned 360 that still plays back ups.. and I’m still able to upgrade the firmware despite online not working.. not that I’d want to usually (just in the last case, where they re-enabled booting from hdd)
    Look at the Wii.. do you see me upgrading to the latest firmware that blocks wads??

    and the funny part, where you assume the majority of people who own a PS3 don’t have a fast enough internet connection to download a bluray… holy shit, look at my HDD and you’ll find tons of blurays. Thank you MegaUpload :O

    You spend so much this article just backpedaling all of your stupid claims, I think you just contradicted this article out of existence and it’s going to implode on itself

  • Sam

    You guys do realize that Sony just posted in their forums the plan right? The article is pretty much dead on, Sony explains the dibugged issues and how it will affect te PSN. Basically, They knew about it.

    • Indie

      You do realize that’s just Sony trying to save face and steer people away from thinking this will work or won’t be patched quickly. Basically, Sony didn’t know about this, but they are going to pretend to as to not look bad.

      • Bob

        How did Sony NOT know about this? It is using their own method for entering debug mode. The program was made using their SDK. Sony knew about this when they created it. They just didn’t expect the public to get their hands on it.

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  • nonfanboy

    Reassurance article, why the hell does n4g let any one publish their garbage?

  • duder

    so i paid $60 for the game, but i just so happened to back it up before my 3yo got ahold of it and scratched the hell out of it.. am i still the piece of shit most of the fanboys imply i am for using this by-pass?

    how naive to think a technology is unbeatable.. adapt or die

  • common sense

    Did a 12yr old kid write this article? Definitely lacking the background knowledge on how the device actually works.

  • you’re right, the hack video isn’t really a hack but exploits.
    The ps3 is still unhackable.
    But people can make backup of their games through exploits.

    Its just like Xbox 1, how you can install linux through hardwire hacking or software exploit.

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  • DudemanVonShizenstein

    Youre an idiot, and your self proclamations are false. Here is proof from a legit reputable site that shows you’re 100% wrong.

    • I just linked to it above dudeman, and they state similar theories when it comes to the likely hood of Sony cleaning it up. did you order your chip?

  • shaun

    You might want to do some research before publishing your thoughts. Firstly the dongle is updateable, so even if sony release a firmware update it can still work. Besides the dongle blocks any automatic updates anyway. Secondly hard drive space isn’t much of an issue as you can play back ups off an external drive, which can be up to 2tb’s in size. Finally the hack is obviously real. Several places are now selling them to the public.

  • Anna

    No I did not ordered the PSJailbreak , i wait another week and get it for less than 10$ . deleting people comment is shit, fan boys

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