After the huge PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 announcement earlier today at the 2010 Gamescom, many questioned if Mass Effect 1 would be part of this deal. BioWare made it clear that Mass Effect 2 would be the only game to make its way to the PS3, while Mass Effect 1 would remain a Microsoft exclusive. Most all around gamers have more than likely played both ME1 & ME2 on the PC or Xbox 360. But, how about PS3 gamers that have only owned a PS3, can they enjoy and understand Mass Effect 2 without playing the first game?

Without spoiling anything, Mass Effect 1 is amazing and I couldn’t be asking a better question myself, because I haven’t played Mass Effect 2. When Mass Effect 2 released, I was tempted to buy the game, I asked friends and family if I needed to play the first Mass Effect in order to enjoy the second game and 99.9% of the answers were yes. Now, I understand that not all gamers all equal, and while some gamers may enjoy games even after reading spoilers, or skipping the first 5 games of the series, I like to understand what I’m getting myself into, as well as experience a complete series, in order to get the full, mass effect. Some may disagree; pick up Mass Effect 2, finish it, perhaps platinum the game, and on to the next one.

Much like Microsoft stated earlier today on a IGN interview regarding Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3; “The original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience,”. “The full experience”. Of course Microsoft may have been a bit upset, and there was no doubt that their reply was a bit cold, but can they be correct? Do we really need Mass Effect 1 in order to get the full Mass Effect experience?

Indeed, Mass Effect 2 is making its way to the PS3, and there is no doubt that many PS3 only gamers may pick up the game and perhaps platinum, but if you are concerned about the full experience, and would like to know whether you need to play the first game in order to enjoy and understand the second; ask the gamers who have played both games, they would probably be the first to tell you, that Mass Effect 2 is great because Mass Effect 1 builds right into it.

Some where along the PS3/Mass Effect deal, Microsoft crashed the party:

Bioware:“Microsoft, we are going to the PS3, Mass Effect 2 should have sold more than 2 million copies world wide”
Microsoft: Go ahead, you ain’t touching Mass Effect 1 though, exclusivity homie! They want it, come buy a new 360 slim, compatible with Kinect.” Hey, the PC option is always cheaper, if you have the video card that is…