Do PS3 Gamers Really Need Mass Effect 1 Before Mass Effect 2?

After the huge PlayStation 3 Mass Effect 2 announcement earlier today at the 2010 Gamescom, many questioned if Mass Effect 1 would be part of this deal. BioWare made it clear that Mass Effect 2 would be the only game to make its way to the PS3, while Mass Effect 1 would remain a Microsoft exclusive. Most all around gamers have more than likely played both ME1 & ME2 on the PC or Xbox 360. But, how about PS3 gamers that have only owned a PS3, can they enjoy and understand Mass Effect 2 without playing the first game?

Without spoiling anything, Mass Effect 1 is amazing and I couldn’t be asking a better question myself, because I haven’t played Mass Effect 2. When Mass Effect 2 released, I was tempted to buy the game, I asked friends and family if I needed to play the first Mass Effect in order to enjoy the second game and 99.9% of the answers were yes. Now, I understand that not all gamers all equal, and while some gamers may enjoy games even after reading spoilers, or skipping the first 5 games of the series, I like to understand what I’m getting myself into, as well as experience a complete series, in order to get the full, mass effect. Some may disagree; pick up Mass Effect 2, finish it, perhaps platinum the game, and on to the next one.

Much like Microsoft stated earlier today on a IGN interview regarding Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3; “The original Mass Effect is absolutely an Xbox 360 exclusive, making Xbox 360 the only place to get the full Mass Effect experience,”. “The full experience”. Of course Microsoft may have been a bit upset, and there was no doubt that their reply was a bit cold, but can they be correct? Do we really need Mass Effect 1 in order to get the full Mass Effect experience?

Indeed, Mass Effect 2 is making its way to the PS3, and there is no doubt that many PS3 only gamers may pick up the game and perhaps platinum, but if you are concerned about the full experience, and would like to know whether you need to play the first game in order to enjoy and understand the second; ask the gamers who have played both games, they would probably be the first to tell you, that Mass Effect 2 is great because Mass Effect 1 builds right into it.

Some where along the PS3/Mass Effect deal, Microsoft crashed the party:

Bioware:“Microsoft, we are going to the PS3, Mass Effect 2 should have sold more than 2 million copies world wide”
Microsoft: Go ahead, you ain’t touching Mass Effect 1 though, exclusivity homie! They want it, come buy a new 360 slim, compatible with Kinect.” Hey, the PC option is always cheaper, if you have the video card that is…

  • sklorbit

    i honestly think its a pretty big deal. Its a trilogy for gods sake! how can they start a trilogy at episode 2!? not being able to bring your me1 character into the story is a real downer. buy me1 and 2 for xbox or pc if u want the real me experience.

  • Flop of the year!

    1) Mass Effect 2 on PS3 will flop because no one wants it without Mass Effect 1
    2) EA realizes that the Mass Effect franchise on the PS3 is just a big waste on money
    3) So no Mass Effect 3 on the PS3!

  • drfox

    well , i couldnt agree more
    i didn’t enjoy MGS4 because i didnt play any of the previous parts .

    and as you said “Mass Effect 2 is great because Mass Effect 1 builds right into it.”

    you even need to fully understand and interact with ME1 to really enjoy the second

  • Damian

    yea i agree i am a big mass effect fan it’s my favorite game this generation(ME2) that is…and the experience would be seriously diminished without knowing what is going on with the first game…pretty stupid honestly…ea=gay they just want $$$ so dumb

  • Joe

    Bioware confirmed that they will be creating extra content for PS3 owners so they understand what happened previously in the Mass Effect series. They won’t be left out in the cold. I am perspnally trading in my 360 version of Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 one. I wanted to start a new save because my commander Sheppard was ugly to look at anyway 🙂

    • Dude, my Shepard looks just like me. Can’t find the pic though.

  • No they don’t!

    It’s the same game! ME2 is just a brand new story with new weapons, characters, mapes etc.

    one of the bonus content for ME2 Ps3 will include backstory for ME1, also I can just Youtube ME1 for a complete story walk through.

    So no biggy

  • Guru-007

    I agree with Xino, I’m going to youtube ME1. Plus there were a lot of improvements to ME2. I didn’t play Metal Gear 1,2, or 3, but I loved Metal Gear 4.

  • SnS

    I recently got an XBox and ME 2 was my first grab. I loved the game so much that I went back and bought ME 1 for backstory.

    The point? ME 2 is a great game on it’s own and will probably do rather well on the PS3. However………….

    Having the import from ME 1 made a WORLD of difference in my 2nd playthrough of ME 2. It’s an unfortunate twist for PS3 owners to not have ME 1, but ME 2 is a strong enough game to pull people in and I’ll be one of the first in line to buy it for PS3 as well. Bioware’s earned my personal respect for producing not one, but two, very potent console franchises in terms of story, replay, depth, and quality of V/O and graphics.

    I honestly feel “exclusivity” is a poor business model to follow. Microsoft and Sony just need to hug it out and agree to allow each other access to their library (after a reasonable grace period if necessary).

  • pmilleroly27

    I think someone can beat a series in an improper order and still enjoy it. The first metal gear game I beat was MGS2, I played some of 1/3, then I beat 4 and then went back and beat 1 and 3. Metal Gear became my favorite gaming franchise. MGS4 is my favorite, then MGS2, MGS3, MGS1. However I also think in terms of quality it goes MGS4, MGS3, MGS1, and then MGS2. MGS2 just got a special place in my heart because it was the first game I beat. From a logical perspective though, 2 is the most flawed. I think someone can beat ME2 first and still love the series. However anyone who plays ME2 first and bashes the game. Need to shut the hell up because there’s no way for them to fully understand the game without having beating ME1. I never claimed MGS4 as the best game of the series tell I had Beating all 4 games. And I’m also very aware of the Metal 1/2, but that’s just going a little to old school me to play now. Maybe if they become downloadable games on ps3 or xbox 360. Anyways if you go away not liking a series because you player one of the sequel titles. Don’t blame the developers, blame yourself and don’t act like you have the right to judge the games within that franchise.

  • krogan the barbarian

    troo ps3 owners will miss out on the chance to have their own personalised story so ME1 is essential if player want their ownstory in stead of the standard story set up if theplayer has no data for ME1
    i’m sure alota peopole agree

    • That was my concern. I started playing ME1 a while ago, but never finished. Now that ME2, I feel like it’s too much work to go back and play 1especially with the unnecessary features ME1 has. Plus I don’t think I would be able to transfer my ME1 Xbox 360 character to my ME2 PS3 game right?

    • Nomanners1

      The ps3 version comes with an interactive video that lets you make the choices from the first game, but it’s not the same.

  • Fry

    Exactly what I was thinking. Ive got ME1 + 2 for PC and I absolutely fucking loved the both of them especially as I first played ME2 without importing my character and then my second playthrough I did import it, I just think its amazing how much it changed the game. I have also got a ps3 and I am a bit worried that ME3 could be a bit much for my PC and I most definatly would not want to buy it for ps3 if I could import my characters all the way from ME1 thats just a load of bull. Oh well fingers crossed my pc can handle it. I think that microsoft and sony are pathetic I mean ok I understand they make games exclusively for Xbox or PS3 fair enough no arguments there but to bring in just ME2 without ME1 in my eyes is pointless and they are just doing it to make a profit I wouldnt dream of playin ME3 without importing my shepard from both previous games the diversity of ME2 will make ME3 have so many ways to play for example the way that you can make some charcaters die or save them all will be great for ME3. I just hope they havent rushed this one and really done something epic.

  • Anthony

    You guys are all missing the big picture here. This series is innovative because of the fact that your decisions throughout each game have an effect on the rest of the story. The real reason you should be upset about not having ME1 on ps3 is that are not getting that opportunity.**SPOILER ALERT** Example, In ME1 there is a part where Wrex gets pissed off and unless you have high enough charm, he fights you to the death. I was able to save wrex and keep him on my team. However, in ME2, if you dont import your ME1 character, the game assumes that you kill Wrex, and the story goes on without him. There are many other instances where the game assumes decisions from the ME1 story. Bottom line is that anybody who wants to play the game on the ps3 is going to have to deal with that. Knowing the back story is one thing, and that is easy enough to take care of via youtube or the extra content available that gives you a rundown of the previous game. However the real thing we are missing out on is the big events and decisions that you make in the first game that cannot be imported to the next game, and eventually the final game.

  • The_Jester

    Anyone who has truely played both me1 and me2 will agree with me that its just not worth playing without the import of both games I mean the game was made for the soul purpose of importing ur games to the next that’s what it was made for and to tell us we can have cake but can’t eat it is not right the story is what. Makes it such an amazing game and if we don’t have full accsess to make our own story from start to finish then its just anouther okay game instead of an amazing game we are the power without us there is no game without the player there is no money to be made we need to come together and demand either give us all or nothing we need to force these money hungry fool to give us what we want because I don’t know about u but I’m a ps man I don’t want an xbox I’m layal to my ps and I want me the whole me

  • lawl

    It’s really not a big deal. I’ve played both with an import and without (and yes, I had done pretty much everything in the first one), and you don’t really miss much. A few brief shout outs from old characters, and a few side quests. 

  • That really does suck, I only have the Ps3 slim and a computer with somewhat decent graphic card.

  • Averyoickle

    if you don’t beat masseffect 1 then you won’t understand mass effect 2