Sony Exclusive Closing In On 3 Million Copies Sold Worlwide

It is no surprise that God of War 3 has been a huge success for Sony, and in only 5 months, the PS3 heavy hitter is the now the best selling PS3 exclusive in 2010 and sits above other greats such as; Mass Effect 2 and Heavy Rain and not far behind Super Mario Galaxy 2.

As expected, God of War 3 continues to do well in sales, although released early in the year, GOW3 has held consistent sales and is expected to be one of the best selling games for Sony this year. With over 2.8 million copies sold worldwide, the 3 million mark is just weeks away if the sales continue as they have, especially if the older PS3 slim models (120GB, 250gb) drop in price like predicted.

God of War 3 is also in a good position to do very well in 2011. With PlayStation Move, PSN Plus, Gran Turismo 5, Little Big Planet 2 and now the recent announcement of Mass Effect 2 coming to the PS3, the variety of games and features on the PS3 will attract more and more consumers to pick up a PS3, and in addition, help out the sales of top notch PS3 exclusives, such as; God of War 3.

  • Mida jamoh

    I want to play god of war3