MAG, Dead Space 2, KZ3.. Yeah, Sony is Proving MOVE is Hardcore

If you had any doubt that PlayStation Move would be for the hardcore gamers, then erase that thought. Sony proves the Move is for the hardcore by making hardcore games Move compatible.

I will admit, even I thought when PS Move was first announced, that it would be nothing but a Wii in HD, and while great games are available on the Wii, it was hard to figure out how the Move would work on games such as; Killzone 3, and Socom. Today Sony has unleashed the PS Move beast, by announcing even more hardcore titles that will be Move compatible. MAG, yes MAG the 256 multiplayer game will have Move support as well as Dead Space 2 without rails.

If these titles have the ability to be Move compatible, expect to see many more hardcore games support the PlayStation Move in the near future.

  • Ps3FTW

    CAN…NOT…WAIT to pick up move. sep 17th cant come soon enough!!!.

  • Greg

    Great. Now what about getting ps-move support for Crysis 2 and Metal o Honor?.

    • Or Resistance 3, and Uncharted 2

    • Dan22

      Or cod:black-ops?

  • dooey

    It is good to see that Sony is making sure that the hardcore is not left out in the cold when it comes to their next gen controller. This makes me proud to own a ps3.

    • josh

      Well, if sony has any sense then they will show 3rd partys the benefits of using move in their mature games and convince them to get on board with move when it comes to mature games.

      what i like about the playstation move is that it is going to allow dev’s to go beyond just creating “1st person shooters” and start creating 1st person games that will allow you to do everything in a 1st person game that you could in real life. just think of the possibility.

  • Ro-Ro

    “EA has so far not commented on Move support for Dead Space 2, but we suspect that it will at some point during Gamescom.”

    Got that from:

    It’s still not official yet, but I know from what was said on the psblog that their still looking into it. It wouldn’t be surprising if they did add it. I mean, if they get it working fine for dead space extraction, how hard would it be to bring over the pointer code from extraction and sync it with the 3rd person animations?

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    WOW MAG!!!! Guess it was a good idea to keep that game.

    I’m just so happy to see so many titles supported. Like I said before, I envisioned the controllers being used in some many different ways and now those visions are true.

    Great job Sony! Can’t wait til next month. Heavy Rain awaits you!

  • ps3fan

    sure sony is supporting the hardcore but what about 3rd party dev’s?. As someone else pointed out, where is crysis 2 and metal of honor and cod:black-ops?. The launch of move is basically just like a console lanch for sony. And, just like with the launch of ps3, sony needs the full hardcore support of the major developers or move will flop…big time!!!. And that will be a devastating because move is one of the biggest steps forward in gaming in a long time.