TQcast Episode 120

TQcast Episode 120 “Juice’s Five Guys” (1:20)


Old School TQ is back!
Juice wants 5 guys
Filty speaks hot tech fire
Desz to start dedicated vintage iPhone site
PlayStation MOVE in the TQHQ
iPhone vs Droid phones
Madden NFL 2011 iPhone Impressions
Brazil Gets PS3…for only $1,200
Mafia 2 Demo Impressions PS3
All that, plus tons more. This is a TQcast classic, get your tape decks ready!

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    Wow guys. I love the show…you know that. But you guys got your Android facts wrong big time.

    1) Android not only sold the most phones the last quarter, but Android owners buy more apps.

    2) Android’s have been getting rooted since the G1 two years ago. The operating system is based on Linux which people have been hacking for years.

    3) The Android modding scene is huge.
    http://www.androidcentral.com, androidguys.com, http://www.thisweekinandroid.com (now changed to mobile to be fair,) http://www.xdadevelopers.com, androidcommunity.com, appbrain.com…I can basically name about 50 websites that either have black mariket apps, mods, or blogs just about android devices because I have them bookmarked.

    The iPhone is cool. Don’t get me wrong. It really doesn’t matter which phone you have, but Windows 7 Phones are going to bring the pain and if this Sony PSP Android phone thing is true, Apple will soon be behind (according to analysts in 2012) at least Android and Win 7 will take a big chunk of their market share.