The $35 Tablet PC, Apple Might Not Want You to Know About

An Android OS Tablet PC for $35?? Are you kidding me? Well, not according to the video below. India’s $35 Tablet PC looks promising, and could make a move into Apple’s territory. Check Out The Video below.

A must buy!

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  • Ritwik

    Where can i get this???

  • Mohan

    where to buy this ???????????

  • sathya

    Where can i get this???

  • The tablets are still is development. India claims they are coming soon.

  • kshitij

    Bhai sahaab i need this ASAP lolzzz

  • skoller

    These tablet PC’s are not for public sale. They are meant for private distribution to Government educational institutions. So don’t get your hopes too high.

  • Sanjay

    The picture is much better looking than the thing in the video. I thought it would be too good to be true 😛 So the top one, is a concept? Or can I get it somewhere?

  • prince

    guys yeh ASAP students k liye Rs.750 ka hai ……
    jan 10 2010………

  • shyam

    please tell me where to buy and how to buy this

  • Drmzindec

    I want 2 of these asap!!!! Come on india show those americans!!

  • Nikhil

    me to a student, but don’t know from where o buy it………
    is any one know when this ASAP is going to launch…….

    • There hasn’t been an official release date, but I think we are getting very close to having tablets become very affordable. It may not even be from these people, it could very well be from google.

  • hi,
    where can i get this product

  • can we use this as mobile phone?

  • Shivam

    i am also a student and want to buy it
    where do i get it

  • It’s really amazing…
    how can i get it?

  • jo mama

    For on $35 this thing is a piece of s***, how dare anyone compare it to an apple product..

  • amazin pic btw

  • Cody

    2 GIGS!?Make it 75 at least and I’ll get it.

  • prashant pratap singh

    from where we will get it. ies amazing

  • Manvinder singh

    from where we can get it

  • ajay himatsingka

    need to buy

    • ajay himatsingka

      nne to buy, but how, where it is available

  • nicks patel

    Where can i get this???

    and the tablet price..????

    please anyone can tell me..??


    l buy but where

  • Sam

    Do u know it is been given for 11grade and 12grade students for free and the 35$ is for people……..And it cannot be selled outside our country due to patent rights or something like that………..

    • Anonymous

      It cant be sold outside of India because American companies like Apple pay the manufacturers to keep them out of the United States in order to keep American prices artificially high.