PS3 250GB for the price of an Xbox 360 Slim – What’s the Better Deal?

The Xbox 360 Slim is one sexy console, packed with a 250GB hard drive, wireless N, and nice and quiet for only $299.99. How about a PS3 with a 250GB hard drive, wireless G, Blu-Ray player and clean look for the same price of $299.99? What is the better deal?

Kmart is at it again. By now we should consider Kmart as a retail competitor when it comes to gaming. Kmart is currently offering the 250GB PS3 slim for only $299.99, which matches the price of the Xbox 360 slim. If you have yet to jump to the next gen console, you can now rule out the price.

Things just got crazy!

  • Dirk

    The only thing I find that sucks about this is the fact I already have an original PS3 and 360. Otherwise, go K-Mart