ZEN Pinball: Mars Table PSN Review

ZEN Pinball: Mars Table
Published by: ZEN Studios
Developed by: ZEN Studios
Genre: Pinball

Doesn’t it make you happy when developers keep updating, improving and giving you more levels to play on your favorite games? ZEN Studios is no exception, thanks to their latest DLC ‘ZEN Pinball: Mars Table’. The new theme for the table takes place in the planet Mars, although the content doesn’t have licensed characters like the previous Ninja Gaiden DLC, the quality of the game shines; with amazing graphics, four different missions and several new modes to play with.

Let’s get to the point, to successfully clear this table and get a high score to beat your friends you first have to complete four different missions. You have a spaceship mission where you have to collect samples from the planet. When the mission is initiated, your objective is to aim the ball at the crane five times, if you are unable to perform this task within the allotted time, you will have to start the mission all over. The next mission is a Pyramid defense where you have to hit the bumpers multiple times in order to proceed to the second part, this mission in particular was difficult for me, just because aiming the ball wasn’t as easy.

The following mission is a Satellite that is used to Scan, which requires you to hit several yellow flashing lights, followed by shooting at the ramp to recharge the satellite. After you complete it, you will move on to the next stage. The final and last mission is a space spider; you have to hit five holograms in order for the small robot to analyze the planet.

Some new elements to the table include, a no gravity, where the ball will just float for a brief moment until you hit a flash of light, the second is hitting the letters that spell Mars, after all four letters light up you will have 30 seconds to teleport ten balls back to your objective

Each mission has a final stage; after all the missions have been completed there will be an overall final mission. This table can be very addicting and very hard since all missions are not as easy as they appear, I spent countless hours trying to pass all the missions and beat all of my buddies’ score. If you have Zen pinball, the new add on is well worth your $2.50 dollars.

This magnificent table gets a 4 out of 5 Michelas.