TQcrush Episode 14

Join us again, Phoenix and Kitsune, for another absolutely amazing episode! First of all, Phoenix wants to know what Shark Week is and why people are so interested. If YOU would like to comment about that, please do so here. The news for this show include that Japanese game where you spank girls (so getting that one!), the exciting LittleBigPlanet 2 trailer, and the major hit Tekken movie. (Baconbitz and Redertainment argue about the release date for quite a while in the AG chatroom.) Scorpia1027 informs us of the International Beer Day (http://internationalbeerday.com/). I hope everyone enjoyed a good beer. Phoenix suggests taking your kids to see Despicable Me in theaters in the Crush Jr. segment. We discuss games we are playing and music we are listening to. The main topic is a very interesting one, applying skills acquired by playing video games to your resume. Kitsune’s Kitchen includes a delicious microwavable meatloaf. At the end of the show, we read tweets, emails, texts, and listen to voicemails. If you, lover of all that is TQCrush, would like to contact us, please tweet us at www.twitter.com/tqcrush, email us at tqcrush@gmail.com, and text or leave us voicemail at 714-20-CRUSH (714-202-7874)!

Let’s play together sometime soon. =* Make sure to check out the rest of our shows at TQcast.com/tqcrush