What if Alan Wake was a PS3 Exclusive? A Look at the Possibilities

Alan Wake is one of the most underrated games this generation, selling only 250,000 copies in week one and currently holding at 600,000 copies. It is clear that the game financially failed for today’s standards, considering the greatness of the game. But what if Alan Wake was a PS3 exclusive? How would these numbers, popularity, impressions, reputation, and marketing be different?

Let’s start with Graphics: We know that Alan Wake was initially intended to be a PC game that later made its way to the 360. Perhaps the game’s development would still make no difference graphically on the PS3, but “what if” it was made specifically for the PS3? (Screens are not actual comparison screens, this is just an example of Alan Wake taking advantage of the PS3’s power).

360 Screen(click to enlarge)

PS3 Screen (Click to enlarge)

Marketing: Microsoft’s marketing for Alan Wake was pretty much “non-existing”. Hard core gamers knew about the game, but that was about it. While exclusives for the PS3 don’t all get the attention they deserve, I’m sure Sony would have not let Alan Wake slip in to the pile of underrated games. How about Mr. Kevin Butler to the rescue, enough said…

DLC: Canceled, due to PS Move support! While Alan Wake’s “The Signal” DLC was released almost 2 month after the game’s released, Microsoft and Remedy stayed focused at the mission at hand and delivered the promised DLC. “What if” Alan Wake was a PS3 Exclusive? Much like Heavy Rain’s canceled DLC due to PS move support dedication, Alan Wake would have more than likely suffered from story, but landed PS move support. “It’s not a DLC pack, it’s PS Move.”

Financially: We know the numbers, the game is underrated and the financial numbers are disappointing especially for a game that took over 5 years to develop. But “What If” Alan Wake was a PS3 exclusive?
The closest game we can compare Alan Wake to, would have to be Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain is much like Alan Wake. Both games are dark and unique, and they appeal to audience that might like a strong and believable story.

Heavy Rain did 500,000 plus in its first week, and currently has over 1.3 million copies sold worldwide. A game like Alan Wake should be well over 1 million copies sold, with sells increasing as DLC is released. If Alan Wake happened to be a PS3 exclusive, we wouldn’t be reading or writing articles on Alan Wake’s disappointing numbers and underrated status.

  • morbid237

    let me start of by saying that i love the game alan wake, but i completely disagree with you. when i’ve played alan wake it never looks like the picture you have above for the 360. It looks just like the ps3 picture. how come a lot of games that are released on both systems simultaneously look better on the 360? like red dead and singularity? because they developed it for the 360? well why would they do that if they could have a better looking game if they developed for ps3? B.S. I agree with you on the lack of advertisement, but i think that if they would have bumped its release up a week it would have sold better, since it released on the same day as red dead redemption, i bought both but a lot of people only want to buy one game at a time and of course they’re gonna get red dead redemption. it probably would have sold even less on the ps3. it sounds like you’re just jealous/mad that it was a 360 exclusive

  • chaz

    i am sorry, the sales are not the bad…heavy rain saLEs, lbp, infamous and even mgs 4 (years of hype cant even reach 6 million) are not that good either.

    “If Alan Wake happened to be a PS3 exclusive, we wouldn’t be reading or writing articles on Alan Wake’s disappointing numbers and underrated status.”

    You should write about every ps3 exclusive’s pathetic sales starting with heavy rain and resistance.

  • Gamester101


    You make me facepalm. As mentioned in the article, Heavy Rain sold well, and if you did any light research you’d know that Resistance 2 easily outsold Alan Wake.

    As for LBP, inFamous and MGS4, all have excellent sales, particularly LBP and MGS4. LBP has sold over 3m units, and MGS4 over 5m. inFamous has sold over 1.5m units, which is still very good. The only 360 franchises to sell over MGS4 are Halo and Gears of War – that’s all.

  • Bilal

    UU R DEFINENTLY RETARDED!!!! gamester101 literally hit the nail on the head the only games to outsell the games are gears and halo and thats it alan wake probably would have sold more on ps3 as 360 owners dont rly tend to get happy over games tht have mass killing and a trigger,l i knew as soon as alan wake was shown that its on the wrong console and would sell terribly!

  • Mark

    Except it took Heavy Rain a long time to break a million. It only did 200k its first month…

    and the idea it would look better had it been designed for PS3 is preposterous.

  • flinn

    @Mark your wrong actually, Heavy rain sold just shy of 500k in it’s first week and also had the best first week for a new ps3 IP. And 5 years making a project on the ps3, compared to making it on the 360, would more than likely produce a better game all round.

  • filipakos

    I dont care what you say guys,i dont say that alan wake was a bad game cause of the “numbers”. I dont have an xbox so i have never played alan wake so i cant judge and cant be bothered to watch videos of it and compare it to a ps3 game.I buy games that i think that they will satisfy me i dont check how many copies it sold or anything.Most of ps3 exclusives are really awesome games that not all people can buy cause of the high prices and when a lot of games releases close to others some of them wont sell much such as heavy rain and alan wake.

  • Mark


    1 million in April, game launched in February. I rest my case…

    • Claous

      You do realize that the article that you yourself quote states that “Heavy Rain since it released at the |end| of February”

      That means it broke 1million in roughly 6 weeks.

    • Mark

      You do realize I was refuting the claim it sold 500k in 1 week right?

  • Mark

    Even just looking at US sales its clear it took a while, it debuted at 10th place with 219k in February, was down to 19th place in March and wasn’t in the top 20 in April…

    • @Mark Give it up dude… Ps3 gamers are more open minded. I speak from experience when I say, a great number 360 owners don’t even consider anything that isn’t Call of Duty, Halo or Gears of War. Alan Wake would have almost definitely sold twice as well if it were a Ps3 exclusive.

      • Mark

        No you speak like a fanboy. I play my 360 and PS3 plenty. I just don’t have delusions like most PS3 kids seem to have.

  • Chaz is a fanboy

    Chaz is a fanboy.

    Don’t cry little baby.

  • bill

    ps3 gamers only know GT5,Winning eleven(pes),mgs,gta.Stop!
    What if Kill zone(uber flop)was a Xbox 360 exclusive?And Resistence and God of War.
    I remember Halo 3,over ten million sold!Halo 3 has to be able to sell more copies of Resistance 1 and 2, 1 and 2, Uncharted, Killzone 2 and God of War III, all of them exclusive Playstation 3, combined!
    I also remember Gears of war 1&2,but I will not harass.

  • truth


  • Handy

    SALES! 😛

  • Bungbung

    Stop sucking your own dicks all and just play the fuckin games. Who gives a shit about numbers. Go watch feedback you fanboys!

  • Oliver

    Every news on this site hints that the PS3 is superior in every way. Get over yourselves…Damn fanboys. Theres no superior.