Video Game Deals Are Not Supposed to be This Good

Today gamers choose popular retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart for their video game deals, not knowing that there is one retailer that has pretty much made its return by promoting their video game deals like no other retailer has lately.

While many gamers might not be old enough to know what a Kmart is, long story short, Kmart was the shit back in the 80’s. It was the Walmart of the 80’s, it was the place to go when Christmas shopping needed to be done. Today, Kmarts are not as popular, and not as many seem to be found on Google maps, but that won’t stop them from giving gamers some of the best deals we can have. Kmart welcome back!

Buy Alan Wake Or Splinter Cell Conviction Or Battlefield Bad Company 2 $39.99 & Get $20 Game Coupon + More Deals @ Kmart (8/8-8/14) Ad
Plus more great deals at Kmart next week.

* Buy Madden 11 on Xbox 360 or PS3 and get a $20 EA Gaming Coupon
o Tip: Coupon can be used on any software title.

Nintendo Offers:

* Buy Nintendo Wii Black or White Bundle with Wii Sports Resort and get WWE Smackdown 2010 for Wii Free
* Get Tiger Woods 2011 for Wii Free when you buy 2 Nintendo Wii Remotes w/Motion Plus
* Buy Nintendo DSI System get $15 Nintendo Gaming Coupon
* Buy Nintendo DSI XL System get Picross 3D Free
* Biggest Loser Wii $19.99
* EA Active $39.99
* New Super Mario Brothers Wii $39.99
* Mario Kart Wii $39.99
* Super Smash Brothers Wii $39.99
* Super Mario Galaxy Wii $39.99
* Toy Story 3 Wii $29.99
* Last Airbender Wii $29.99
* Dance on Broadway Wii $29.99
* Just Dance Wii $29.99
* Pokemon HeartGold DS $29.99
* Pokemon SoulSilver DS $29.99
* Transformers War for Cybertron Autobots DS $19.99
* Transformers War for Cybertron Decepticons DS $19.99
* Club Penguin: Herbert’s Revenge $19.99
* Last Airbender $19.99
* Lego Harry Potter DS $19.99
* Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games DS $19.99
* ATV Quad Kings DS $9.99
* Mega Man Zero Collection DS $19.99
* Sonic All Stars Racing DS $19.99
* Jewel Master Egypt DS $9.99

************$20 Nintendo Points Card (2000 Pts. Card) free with the purchase of Super Mario Galaxy 2 or Sin and Punishment 2….

However, Nintendo did not have enough cards to ship Kmart as planned for the ad so Kmart will have about only 2000+ in the chain….

Resolution, Kmart is also adding a $20 Gaming Coupon with purchase of either of these titles. For the lucky customers who find the the points cards you can get the $20 Gaming Coupon AND the Points Card for a $40 value. They are pretty scarce though just as a heads up.

Sony Offers:

* Buy any PS3 System and receive a $30 Sony Gaming Coupon
* Madden 2011 PSP Entertainment Pack $169.99 get a $15 PSP Gaming Coupon
* Pixel Junk Monters PSP $6.99
* Burnout Legends PSP $6.99
* Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles PSP $6.99
* Medal of Honor Heroes PSP $6.99
* Need for Speed Most Wanted PSP $6.99
* God of War 3 PS3 $39.99
* MAG PS3 $39.99
* Mod Nation Racers PS3 $39.99
* Heavy Rain PS3 $39.99
* God of War Collection PS3 $19.99
* Infamous PS3 $19.99
* Killzone 2 PS3 $19.99
* Resistance 2 PS 3$19.99
* Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controllers $44.99
* Wireless Keypad $39.99
* Bluetooth Headset $39.99
* Component AV Cable $9.99
* Blu Ray Remote $19.99
* Buy a PSP Go System and a $20 PSN Card get a $20 Sony Gaming Coupon, or Buy a PSP Go System and a
$50 PSN Card get a $50 Sony Gaming Coupon.

Microsoft Offers:

* Buy an Xbox 360 250GB system and get either a $49.99 12 Month Card or $49.99 Wireless Controller Free
* Singularity $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)
* Lost Planet 2 $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)
* Call of Duty War Collection $39.99
* Fifa World Cup South Africa $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)
* Transformers War for Cybertron $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)
* Blur $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)
* Split Second $39.99 (Also Available on PS3)

Interesting Note:

There is a save $20 message for $39.99 on the following titles….

Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Also Available on PS3)….

Kmart will be offering these games at $39.99 and a $20 Gaming Savings Coupon

Coming Soon:

* Buy Kane and Lynch 2 on launch week and get a $20 Gaming Savings Coupon
* Buy Mafia 2 and get a $20 Gaming Savings Coupon
* Buy Metroid: Other M and get a $20 Gaming Savings Coupon and save $20 on select titles”

Big ups to the Kmart Rep SHC-Gamer at CAG, this dude is the right guy for the job. Kmart is on a gaming deal rampage!

  • Bubba Cag

    Credit to CAG baby!

    • Looked at the deals, which came from slickdeals, but that Kmart rep is making himself heard, good stuff. Adding CAG props.

  • Carlos

    Are all these offers from K-Mart?