PSN Plus or Not, A must Deal on PSN Cards Without the Spam

Tired of getting PSN spam in your inbox regarding *Free PSN cards or deals? Well, whether you made the PlayStation Plus jump or not, having some extra PSN money on your account just got easier thanks to an online retailer that has been on a gaming rampage this year. And the best part about it– no PSN inbox spam!

Kmart is offering a $10 gaming cash coupon back if you buy a $20 PSN card and $20 gaming coupon if you buy a $50 PSN card. This cash back can be used for additional PSN cards or games, which turns out to be a sweet deal. Now, the small catch is: one gaming coupon per transaction. Looks like you might have to make several trips– or do what I do….on to the next cashier.

  • RogerN

    What has this “article” got to do with spam? You’re saying Kmart has started selling PSN cards as well as every other place… Sounds more like an advert…

  • big ez

    hes saiying you get $10 coupon for ps3 game if you buy the $20 psn card and $20 with the purchase of a $50 card

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