The Must Have Xbox 360 Upgrade for Under $60

For those gamers who want to get the most out of their original Xbox 360 and would also like to save money while doing so, then you might be fully aware that upgrading the Xbox’s Hard Drive is probably the best upgrade you can ever make on your original 360 at a decent price. While Microsoft classic hard drives could run you $100 for a 120GB at local stores or Online shops such as Best Buy, Amazon or Gamestop, another online retailer has the perfect upgrade for all those Xbox 360 Arcades or 20GB models for almost half off.

FocalPrice saves you even more money on this quick, easy, and must have upgrade. currently has brand new 120GB Xbox 360 hard drives for only $56.65 or a 250GB for only $9 more. While these are not manufactured by Microsoft, the drives are fully compatible with any Xbox 360 and come with a 6 month warranty.


If you have been holding off or saving for a bigger hard drive, you can now, use your extra cash on games!

  • Is there any way Microsoft can ban these?

    • Seems to be safe Rex, people on the slickdeals forums are reporting back ‘good deal, and worked great’.

  • Beansy

    Why didn’t you link to the 250gb hard drive for $9 more? Seems like most people would be more interested in that.

    • 250GB HDD has been linked on post above Beansy. Thanks!