The 5 Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels This Generation

Sometimes the anticipation level for a sequel could have a huge impact on how gamers feel, once they have played a sequel that should be as good or better than the original game. Sometimes the sequels just strait out suck! Below is a list of sequels that fell short this generation.

5. Crackdown 2

What the fuck happened? The original Crackdown was such a gem, a game that nobody really expected to be good, but surprised many. Crackdown’s addicting orb hunting and unique open world gameplay at the time, gave gamers an additional reason to make the PS2 to Xbox 360 jump.

Although Crackdown 2 brought back the addicting orb hunting and open world, and don’t get me wrong “the game is solid”, but also falls short; in story, bosses, but most importantly, revolution. Crackdown 2 didn’t bring anything unique to the table, the game feels empty. Thank God for the Orbs!

4. Lost Planet 2

The original Lost Planet wasn’t a perfect game, but it was still fun to play if you could stick with it, there could have been major improvements with its sequel but sadly it failed to deliver. To start out, none of the previous control issues were fixed, it still feels difficult to move, shoot, and drive the mechas that help you kill the bigger monsters. The environment feels unbalanced, with the level designs poorly executed. The co-op can have multiple drop-offs during sessions and you are only able to join someone’s game if your partner has completed the same missions you have completed.

The biggest problem with the game is that if you happened to reach the final boss on any particular mission and you fail, in most cases you would have to restart from the beginning and redo it all over again, it can be a pain in the butt, enough to put the controller down and not the touch the game again. Overall this sequel is awful and doesn’t even come close to the original.

3. F.E.A.R 2

“Scaryyyy!!”- NOT! When the first F.E.A.R came out, the resemblance of the little girl from the movie ‘The Ring’ and the little girl in FEAR really created this incredibly dark and anxious experience during the game. F.E.A.R really felt like you were in crazy dream that changed the temperature of your blood in the matter of seconds.

F.E.A.R 2 came out, and it felt like I was playing the iCarly game. F.E.A.R 2 attempted to bring back the unexpected paranormal attacks, but failed miserably. The game starts feeling like just an everyday shooter after a few hours. Perhaps FEAR games should come out along side some successful horror movies and use some of their ideas to make the game a true horrifying experience much like the first did.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

Money Money Money! Is the chant Valve might have had going when they started working on Left 4 Dead 2. Seriously, Left 4 Dead 2 did not introduced anything different or better with their sequel, Valve should have continued supporting the superior and original Left 4 Dead and waited till they had the true motivation, dedication and heart to release a sequel.

1. Bioshock 2

Bioshock surprised everyone with its original; gameplay style, interesting story and unique level design. When Bioshock 2 was released, the game failed to deliver what its predecessor had accomplished. Although it wasn’t a bad game by any means, the tweaks that were done were not needed. The hacking mechanics is revamped and the mini game is fun to play, it requires you to hit the needle in the right color, if you fail, you will get electrocuted, this can be annoying and difficult if you happen to be color blind *cough cough Filty*. If the colors were replaced with symbols instead of colors, it would make gamers happy.

The level design is still great, with enough places to explore and with tape recorders to search, but nothing new that trumps the original, an addition, annoyances such as; not being able to revisit the different levels that you were previously in, to upgrade stations or search for tapes really make the sequel feel like work.

Bioshock 2 could have been a better sequel but fell short from the original masterpiece that was ‘Bioshock’.

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  • how was L4D2 disappointing? L4D1 was even more disappointing. In fact both games are!

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  • bigevil

    Weel I still feel that bioshock 2 fell short because you all the annoying whiners that decided it needed multi player so they cried and cried until they got it.So all the crybabies got us a 6hr campaign and some shitty tacked on multi, all because morons think everything needs multi even though bioshock’s setting isn’t really made for multi

  • Brian

    Seriously? – this list is ridiculous. FEAR2 (metacritic score 77), Bioshock2 (metacritic score 88) and L4D2 (metacritic score 89) are far from disappointing games. They may not hold up to their originals, (although L4D and L4D2 have same metacritic scores), but to call them disappointing is extremely short-sighted. You actually begin to make a somewhat interesting arguement on each of these, it’s just that this is not even close to the “5 most disappointing” sequels.

  • Vin

    Fist off, I love the Crackdown 2 ad that covers the entire page while you, on the same page, bash Crackdown 2.

    I have no argument with most of what you’ve written here, but your statements regarding L4D2 are simply shotsighted and somewhat ignorant.

    “Seriously, Left 4 Dead 2 did not introduced anything different or better with their sequel, Valve should have continued supporting the superior and original Left 4 Dead and waited till they had the true motivation, dedication and heart to release a sequel.”

    You obviously have not played much of L4D2 if you find that it lacks compared to the first one. I am sure some fanboys of the first game are still whining about the quick release of the second, but how about a Madden game every 12 months? Or a new Call of Duty every 10 months? I understand that Madden wouldn’t really fall into this category of sequal games, but the Call of Duty games certainly do. WaW was horrific, and MW2 with it’s 5-6 hour campaign was terrible. The multiplayer is very good, but it’s riddled with boosters and cheaters, and it didn’t really do much to improve upon the mechanics put in place in the first MW game.

    As for L4D, both are great games, but L4D2 keeps things much more exciting with new specials and mechanics that keep people from cheesing out in a corner for all of the tough points. The game mechanics are more refined, and the tweaks to the AI director really make the game a lot of fun every time. If you haven’t played it too much, maybe you should give it another shot.

    Maybe you should read up on how the game was conceived before you begin to bad mouth Valve and their business practices.

    • Thanks for the comment Vin, I was waiting for someone to mention that ad part of it. Our Crackdown 2 ad, review 3 out of 5, and now this post proves that we are as real as it gets, we don’t sell out for extra cash or reviews, we tell it how it is, which is how things should be. If you read the article, we are not bashing the games these games just didn’t live up to our expectations. Thanks and welcome to TQcast homie.

      Regarding L4D2, I’m glad you enjoyed it, but you can’t compare Madden to Left4Dead, every year real sports have new seasons, L4D2 could have been much better if they waited, Valve knew about this. check out platformnation’s Valve Left4Dead2 Interview. We asked these questions at E3 2009 before the game released.

      Now, unless you work for Valve, why so offensive to the the L4D2 part of the article?

  • Perry

    I agree, these games are not bad, but I personally was ready to get blown away by games like Crackdown 2 and Bioshock 2 and it didn’t happen. L4D2 like the author stated seemed like a step back from the original. Now, Lost Planet 2 is crazy if playing co-op, but like author stated as well, they all have to have same level completions.

  • SRJ

    True enough list but I have to say L4D2 added enough to be worth the 60 bucks. The multiplayer was varied and fun (In my opinion) melee weapons added a great alternative to pistols. And any zombie game that references shaun of the dead has earned my respect. LfD1 didnt even seem like a full game to me. 5 guns? 5 special infected? L4D2 is the sequal but its still the first full game rather then an elaborate Half-Life 2 Mod

  • Brian

    Are you kidding when you said lfd2 didnt add anything new or better?

    first off, the melee weapons were a huge addition to the game. go back to the original lfd and realize its harder without melee weapons.

    second, all the new infected
    third, 6 new campaigns
    4th, all new characters and possibly one of the best characters valve has ever created (ellis)

  • Allan

    Bioshock 2 was pretty awesome, but yeah it could have definitly been better without all the multiplayer bs, multiplayer is fun, but bioshock is much better without it. So Bioshock 3 leave out the mutiplayer, spend time on the searchable enviroments, and the thrilling experience, get to the deep horror, and soul of this game. again, 2 was great, but lets make 3 the dark knight of bioshock.

  • Kosamus

    Article should of read. “Sequels we didn’t need!” lol – good stuff. I would add Resident Evil 5 to that list too. That was a huge disappointment.

  • L4D2 fan

    Dude l4d2 was a great game it may have had the same concept/idea of the first one, bur many thing in there that the first one didn’t. I for one think the characters are better, l4d2 has more and better weapons/ infected/ characters/ settings. The characters are much better done they have a certain touch to them that’s cool. The visual appereance is much better as well ( even though I know it is one of te older games) I have much more sayings of why l4d2 is good and maybe better than the origina, I would say them but I don’t like typing on a iPod

  • Markulio

    Honestly? You may say I’m trolling, but this is the worst list I have ever seen. all of these games are as good… if not better then the originals.

  • Mike

    The only disappointing aspect of Bioshock 2 for me was the multiplayer. They expanded on the history of the Big-Daddy, little sister relationship, added new enemies for the challenge and made the gameplay smoother. If you want to argue that the environment of Rapture was pretty much the same making it less original I can accept that but just because it can’t blow your mind out of the water the way the first one did as the novelty of instantiating a new idea had worn off doesn’t make it a disappointing sequel.

  • Jordan

    yeah i completely agree with your list. Bioshock 2 was good but it didn’t have the same effect as the first one did. L4d2 was too hard and it didn’t really feel like an interactive movie anymore. The good thing is though is that the new Bioshock looks amazing. Definitely going to be worth the wait.

  • Nino_M

    Having just finished Bioshock 2 calling this game a disappointment is just plain wrong. Sure, it’s not as good as the original but the story is great the gameplay is better whats not to love about the game?

  • chance

    bioshock 2 live up and was better then the original and the reason it was difrent was because it was diffrent companys this time!

  • Brodie

    Without Fable III on this list, I’m afraid it is invalid.

    And there wasn’t anything wrong with Bioshock 2, it was a solid SP experience with a surprisingly okay MP facet.

  • ppSucks

    @ Brodie – Fable 3 shouldn’t be on the list, because there has never been a good Fable game to disappoint with any sequel. 😛

    @ Brian – You missed the damn point. The article isn’t about games that are simply disappointing, it is about games that are disappointing COMPARED TO THE ORIGINAL. That’s not a hard concept….

    And going off scores if incredibly retarded. L4D2 was not an 89 game, the thing should have gotten no higher than a 75. Bioshock 2 should not have broken the 80 mark.