Video Game Setup of The Week-TQJoe Style

TQfam Joe shows off his video game setup which includes; a 27′ Vizio 720p LCD, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Gaming Headsets, Cable-DVR, HP Pavilion Notebook, Creative Speakers, Logitech Keyboard and mouse and an HTC Droid Incredible Phone. Yeah TQ-Joe!

Dasetup Specs:
[26 inch lcd 720p vizio tv]

HP Pavilion laptop sv5-1235dx
-Logitech Key board n Mouse
-Creative Speakers

Xbox 360 Arcade
-Wireless Adapter
-Wireless Mic
-2 Wireless Controllers
-20g Hardrive

PS3 (80 gig)
-Wireless Mic
-Wired Mic
-1 Controller

DVR my b i dont know the specs on that

[HTC Incredible]

  • Nice setup Joe! You should invite Biff and I over, we would have your cables managed like nobodies business.

    Vizio LCD’s are nice!

  • V8SuperCars

    Nice setup Joe, Cheers for making a video on how you game/relax.

    Like Desz i hate cables, i spend so much time eliminating cable clutter in my setups, but sometimes its just impossible to be cable free lol.

  • Filty

    I like this setup, nice and honest. This a real day to day setup.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    It looked real nice TQ Joe. I love my Vizio. Even got his laptop right next to the screen for trophy/achievement hunting. Great game setup.

    Yo Desz you and Biff should make some type of video about cable management. I’d love to see some tips. Behind my setup, there’s a chaos. I have my wires tied together but it still looks horrible.