Microsoft Claims Halo: Reach is the Most Anticipated Game in 2010

While gamers seem to have their own preference of anticipated games in 2010, Microsoft makes it clear that there should only be one game considered the most anticipated in 2010. According to their July 30th newsletter sent out to Xbox Live gamers, Microsoft makes it clear that Halo: Reach is the most anticipate Game of 2010.

Check out the newsletter image and video sent out.

I have to admit, Microsoft’s marketing scheme for Halo: Reach is very well put together, and the game’s sales will say it all.

What do you think? Is Halo: Reach the true, all around ‘most anticipated game of 2010’?

Amazing Halo: Reach Campaign Trailer – With “Most Anticipated” Title as well.

  • yami

    Nope, Halo Reach is not the most anticipated game of 2010, never was, maybe to some people, but overall, it has been Gran Turismo 5. No one seems to come close enough to the game in terms of quality and what is has to offer to be named most anticipated, and GT5 is a game that everyone worldwide will get excited for, Europe, Japan, U.S. and everywhere else. Also, if Halo Reach was most anticipated game of 2010, how come God of War 3, which was amazing, won the “Most anticipated game of 2010” at spikes 2009 video game awards? (credit to HorsePowerr for mentioning it on N4G).

  • oilahize

    Uhh…what he said^….

  • sdtarm

    He said that Halo Reach is not the most anticipated game of 2010, simple as it is i dont think that either, maybe because we already have 2 halos this generation and personally i feel tired of it, and I think microsoft should once for all leave Halo aside cant believe they r actually make another sequel, they have already messed up the Franchise enough.
    Honestly im more looking forward to play GT5 on my PS3 or Little Big Planet 2, Ill give Reach a try but i dont see it as the GOTY, not any new halo from now on, not anymore

  • patrick

    Wow, Shut the valve up GT5 seriously..? It will have no replay value really.. It’s just racing noting more, nothing less.

    To counter with God Of War 3 again shut the valve, halo reach had not be released, not even a beta, so their might be a f*** reason why it didn’t win because all that was released was a mother trailer.

    and how has halo out lived its life seriously? Their have been about 3 games made by bungie, ODST don’t count really since it’s just a pos expansion.

    But, honestly halo reach is the most pr-ordered game to date, is GT5 the most? NO so please prove me wrong… Comment edited by Admin…Please keep it clean Patrick.

  • Mark

    XD You guys think GT5 is the most anticipated. I had more fun playing Burnout Paradise than GT5.

    • Marko

      Something smells fishy here… How did you get to play a game that`s not even out yet?

  • Sweafty

    WTF GT5 like its a racing game how THE FUCK is it anticipated…its anticipated to get boring QUICK!!! I give it to god of war it was an alright game but its out and its OLD news bairly no one plays it anymore.when reach comes out thats all people will be talking about all year!

  • Mark

    I meant that I had more fun playing the Burnout series than the crappy GT series.

  • thatguy

    Most anticipated? Maybe. Game of the year? Pretty high, but not 100%. Game of the year for the xbox. Yes. No questions asked.

    Also @Yami, I never heard of Gran Turismo. It sounds like just another generic racing game. There is no clear winner of most anticipated game of 2010 though, since I have heard many claims of most anticipated game of 2010, and how can they give an award out for most anticipated game of 2010 when 2010 isn’t even over yet, and Reach wasn’t revealed until the end of 2009.

    And @sdtarm, 2 is not a lot considering how fast many games get pumped out now adays. And anyway, Reach is a prequel, not a sequel, and please, enlighten me how they have messed up the franchise hmm? It sounds like you are a giant PS3 fan anyways, so I wouldn’t expect you to like or know much about Reach or the other halo games anyways.

  • Gamester101

    Wow @patrick, congratulations on proving you’re a complete idiot. You don’t even give reasons as to why GT5 shouldn’t be considered the most anticipated (or why Halo: Reach should be).

    Both God of War 3 and GT5 are bigger games than Halo: Reach, not least because Halo has had numerous releases since the last release in either the Gran Turismo or God of War series.

    Fanboys are embarrassing.

  • someone who knows what they’re talking about

    @Gamester101 Are you serious? Most gamers have never even played Gran Turismo, and yes I mean MOST, not most hardcore, just plain most gamers. For starters it’s a racing game. And look at that, it’s the fifth in the series.

    God of War deserves some credit, but it’s nowhere near the scale of Halo: Reach. Sure they are both anticipated, but do you have any idea what Reach has to offer?
    Presumably the biggest, most expansive campaign to date? An extensive multiplayer mode that will dominate online for years to come? The Forge, where players can virtually create anything they want, and share it with anyone they want? Just the file sharing system in general that Bungie has set up on for the past years? Are you aware? And the Theater? Do you know any other game that lets you do that?

    • itsWelshy89

      Uncharted has a cinema moe you can view evry round youve ver played from every players perspective or ree roaming camera, as well as full editing/screenshotting hat can be shared online with friends. and i think you’ll find that LBP (although not a shooter) holds the right of place in the create and share catagory with ease.

  • thatguy


    True he didn’t have much to back him up, but I do have proof of hype.

    Gran Turismo 5: 123,623 preorders
    God of War III: 1,288,973 preorders
    Halo Reach: 298,685 preorders

    These are all the preorders 15 weeks from launch to make things fair.

    Halo Reach is 2rd in line at the time of 15 weeks until launch. Thing is though, currently, Reach has little advertising. The only thing people have to know that Reach is available soon is the 1 ad that just started running on TV yesterday, and the stuff from Comic Con and E3. That’s not much to gather hype. Most of the preorders are from the fanbase that knew of it.

    Halo Reach won’t sell as much as God of War III (or maybe it will, we will have to see), since it isn’t greatly anticipated, but it is going to be one of the best, if not the best game of 2010, at least to many people.

  • halo reach is pretty cool guy

    Gt5??? what is this… i dont even….

  • kool fat kid

    Gt5 most anticipated?!? HA! My ass. Halo 3 is still going strong to this day! Halos replay value is amazing while you think a racing game is the most anticipated!? Even when racing games go old after about 3-5 months! People are looking forward to a new version of the halo they have been playing and loving for years.

  • Yakov Smirnoff

    GT5 is the most anticipated? I’d imagine PS3 fanboys would think so, since they might finally have a game.

  • jgminto

    I think that’s a resonable prediction. It is Halo after all and they haven’t even started advertising yet so I’m expecting preorders to shoot up soon due to casuals. To those arguing GT 5, it looks like a very good racing sim but that is an extremely niche market. I doubt it will be able to pull anywhere near the amount of sales as Reach.

  • dogmanx23

    God Of War 3 is nowhere near the scale of Halo Reach?? How would you know have you played reach yet? That’s a fanboy answer if there was ever one.

    GT5 is the first FULL GT on the PS3. The prologue sold pretty well but I think they just waited to long.

    Reach is probably the most anticipated because nothing else is coming out. I think people are forgetting about Crysis 2 and Medal Of Honor.. Those two games have been the talk for 2010 and after the E3 showing people wanted it more. Reach showed more of the same and 2 seconds of what they should have shown more of.

  • jerrific

    Only a fan boy would think GT5 is more anticipated than Halo: Reach, its a racing game and unless were talking mario the general public has little to no intrest in the genre. I’m not a huge fan of the series, I was personally let down by Halo 3 and didn’t think it was nearly as good as 2, but there is no getting around the fact that Reach and Black Ops are going to be the two biggest sellers on the market this year, period.

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  • Scarecrow

    Most anticipated game = Starcraft II.

  • Mark

    Umm yeah its Halo, and Bungie’s last.

    LOL at anyone who thinks GT5 is.

  • Mark

    “Halo Reach won’t sell as much as God of War III”

    You’re retarded.

    and you’re pre-order numbers mean shit.

  • Mark

    *in b4 “durrrr you spelled it “you’re””

  • sony fanboy alert

    Bhahaha… how many dumb-ass sonyfanboys have hit this site… ahahahaha… it’s hilarious.

    Of course Halo:Reach is the most anticipated game of 2010… there’s not one game released on the ps3 this year or any other year that can come close to Halo.

    god3… bhahahaha that’s just a joke… great visuals dated gameplay
    gt5… yawn… who gives two hoots about it… give me Forza2/3 anyday

    You’ve gotta laugh at these desperate dillusional ps3 fanboys… what a joke they are.

    Halo:Reach wins hands down… Bungie are signing out with everything they’ve got… it’s an immense package… it’s worth buying an Xbox360 just for Halo:Reach (if you don’t already have one).

  • sony fanboy alert

    Also… how can any wally even start to put forward an arguement for Medal of Honour being Game of the Year 2010… it’s not even close. MOH sucked… there’s no-way I’m even going to rent it… not worth once cent…

    COD:Black Ops owns MOH

    Just get real people…. MOH is NOT a contender for 2010

  • sony fanboy alert

    As for people quoting pre-orders … I’m not sure that’s a great way of determining sales. Remember the Halo:Reach advertising campaign is only just starting, I expect there to be more live action shorts to get the hype going.

    One thing that might be worth remembering…

    1.7 million unique players joined the Halo:Reach Beta… that’s JUST the Beta.

    5.4 Million brought ODST… and the number keeps rising
    11.08 Million brought Halo3

    Please, ps3 fanboys, just check out those numbers before saying gow3 (2.8million) is going to out sell Halo:Reach…

    Like I said… Get Real sony fanboys.

    • muelstool

      correction halo Reach beta had 2.7 million on 1.7

      • muelstool

        I meant to say not, not on, what is should say is

        correction halo Reach beta had 2.7 million NOT 1.7

  • Spardan

    Guess not, since it doesn’t have the impact and the hype Halo 3 got, and it’s facing stiff competition from call of Duty to Medal of Honor, Assassin’s creed, GT5….

  • thatguy

    @dogmanx23 Most anticipated on the PS3 maybe, but no one outside of the PS3 has ever heard of that game. And it’s just another generic racing game that you get tired of after less than a year. Not even worthy of most anticipated. There are plenty of games coming out, it’s just most anticipated (or rather not, but still an awesome game) because it’s simply one of, if not the best game coming out in 2010.

    Crysis 2 is nothing that amazing. It looks like the normal sci fi shooter where you are a guy in a powersuit shooting at aliens. It’s been done before *cough*halo*cough*metroid*cough* Most of the talk I have heard from that game was bad anyway. The only thing it’s got going for it is a level creator (that looks too complicated for someone to even bother to sit down for as long as it would take them and make a map just perfect) and pretty graphics.

    As far as MoH, that game is a Battlfield Bad Company 2 clone, sprinkled with a tiny bit of MW2. Anyone saying it’s going to be an awesome game hasn’t seen the gameplay.

    @Mark Hey I’m on the Reach side here. No need to rage at me. And anyway, yes they do mean something, as the more hype a game gets, the more preorders it gets. I’m not saying reach won’t get most anticipated, but it’s just not likely on scale of things like Starcaft 2. However, GOTY is quite possible for it.

    Anyway, God of War 3 got 813,742 preorders on it’s first week, Reach still hasn’t gotten there yet and it’s 8 weeks from launch…so…yeah. However, if the marketing for Reach gets aggressive like Halo 3’s, a large spike in preorders is very possible, but it’s still really not a lot of time to generate preorders.It could very well come close to God of War III, but beating it is a little of a stretch.

    @Sony Fanboy alert. I just used them as a way to tell hype. It’s pretty much the only way with numbers, since the amount you advertise, the more hype is generated, and the more hype is generated, the more preorders a game gets.

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  • Pat

    Hype your product after the last mediocre outing … rather wait for it in the bargain bin M8.

  • dogmanx23

    MOH sucks… right because you’ve played it already…

    Crysis 2 is nothing but a sci fi shooter… And whats reach??? LOL please those comments are MS fanboy written all over it.

    I didn’t say GT5 was more anticipated. I said it could have been but it took forever. GT5 does great in Japan in Europe but in US not so much. Probably most anticipated in Japan and Europe.

    What has Reach shown that is so great? the 3 seconds of space combat? Crysis 2 looks awesome, MOH since they announced it people have been wanting to get it. MOH is one of the best shooters in its time and people have wanted it to come back.

    Reach won’t even contend for Game of the year. Red Dead, Mass Effect 2, Star Craft2, New Super Mario Bros, God Of War 3.

    • iAlex

      Uhm, MOH DOES suck. I have the Beta. =\
      The shot reg is bad, sub machine guns act the exact same as assault rifles, shotgun’s overpowered, there is NO recoil on SMG’s and rifles.
      Not to mention it is a VERY campy game, and had way too many similarities to BFBC2.

    • iAlex

      To add, (can’t edit comments, ugh) Reach isn’t JUST a Sci-fi shooter, you can do a LOT more than just shoot.
      Can you create bad ass race gametypes on courses that YOU can make on Crysis?
      Can you make your own multiplayer maps on Crysis?
      Nope. (Well, if you mod on the PC)
      Can you re-watch previous videos of past games?

  • Nick

    Why can’t people just be happy for a title for gamer’s sake. I have a xbox360 and of course im going to buy Halo Reach but that doesnt mean I am not equally jealous of ps3 for having kz2 and 3 and all other games. If a game looks fun I want to play it what does it matter what console its on. Yes I want to play Halo Reach but I also want to play Killzone 3 too and Forza and GT5 I just dont understand why people cannot admit that a game looks cool when it just looks cool!!!??

  • thatguy

    @dogman23 And yours have PS3 fanboy with no common sense written all over them, but we can’t seem to help that now can we?
    MoH looks practically the same from gameplay videos as Battlefield, and those that have played the beta say the same.
    Crysis 2 is coming out after Reach, and Crysis itself came out when there were already many sci fi shooters out there, including halo, making it not as original. Halo though was one of the first few sci fi shooters during it’s time back in 2001, and became popular from it.
    Gran Turismo is a racing game. As awesome as it can be, racing games still don’t generate hype because there are already so many better or similar racing games that exist. Reach has shown Firefight 2.0, Forge 2.0, the campaign trailer, the E3 demo, the new features in matchmaking and yes, space combat.
    Also, all the games you just listed as contenders for GoTY are on par with Reach, and Reach may be even better. We will have to see that part though.

  • A Gamer

    I think i disagree. Im not trying to be a fanboy about it but i think gran turismo 5 is. Some look at it as just a racing game but it has always sold millions upon millions with each release. And has been sonys number one selling game on each system, well i dont know about psp, but even GT5 prologue sold more than a lot of bigger ps3 titles. Im not saying its going to beat reach in sales, i honestly dont know. But halo is a more well known series so even casual gamers who never look it up on the internet will most likely buy it. But i still think GT5 is the most anticipated game of 2010. God of War 3 is up there too but not sure if its over reach.

  • thatguy

    If it gets more than Reach upon release I will agree with you, but currently, Reach is beating it. Also, someone could easily argue a game like Starcraft II was most anticipated it being in development for like 10 years and finally being released recently.

  • bill

    yes,Halo reach is the most anticipated game in 2010.
    These are the facts.And funboys sony would do better to accept it instead of whining.
    Halo Reach will be a record sales

  • Chris

    Reach is clearly the most anticipated game. Just because you don’t think so doesn’t mean that the majority doesn’t also. The majority anticipates Reach.

    Also, what is this GT5 crap? I’m not calling the game crap, I’m calling the idea of it being most anticipated as crap. IT’S NOWHERE NEAR MOST ANTICIPATED. Most people have never even heard of that.

    The only competitor with Reach is GoW 3. CoD can’t even be compared with those because it’s multiplatform (plus the fact that it will lack quality, just like the previous CoDs).

    Everyone who plays Xbox knows about Reach. Everyone who knows about Reach and isn’t biased knows that Reach will be unbelievable. Reach IS the most anticipated game of 2010.

  • John

    Those are the numbers of pre orders for god of war 3 when it had 1 week till release remember this is only the Americas.

    These are the numbers for Halo reach which is an impressive 647,012 and the marketing is just starting with 8 weeks to go Halo reach has impressive pre order numbers.

  • adult

    all these posts are so childish. how old are u guys? oh wait, age doesnt affect idiocy.

  • eggo_waffle

    Another Halo game is the most anticipated? yeah right…Starcraft 2 is definitely the most anticipated, it’s AMAZING

  • V8SuperCars

    HAHAHA @ M$, GT5 is the most anticipated game of 2010 by a long shot, with the detail in that game, 1000 cars and full online its going to be so re-playable.

  • thatguy

    And reach may not have the best graphics, but they got an epic LoD, and still relatively great graphics, and it will have thousands of armor pieces for you to earn and fully customize your spartan your way, along with colors and emblems. It also has an online that will last AT LEAST 3 years in the top 3 spot on xbox live because of it’s great multiplayer, just like the other full blown halo titles. That right there is better than a racing game that will get dull in less than a year like all the rest.

    Also, Reach has other things that silly racing game of yours doesn’t. You can fully customize a game your way in custom games; save that awesome clip of you killing a guy across the map, or just take a picture of an epic moment (well maybe Gran Turismo 5 has that. Too lazy to check.); You can duke it out alone or with buddies against waves of AI for as long as you want, the way you want it. You can even have a 2v2 mode where 2 guys get AI to help them against the spartans with set lives that increase with every player kill; and finally, you can make almost anything with Forge 2.0. In fact, if you wanted too, you could make a giant racetrack and have guys race around on it with their number laps being recorded.

  • Random Dude

    LittleBigPlanet 2 End of

    Fuck God of War III
    Fuck GT5
    And Fuck
    Halo Reach!!!