Wii Underestimated Motion Gaming

Don’t pretend like you didn’t hate on motion gaming when it first came out on the Wii, we are all guilty of underestimating motion controls, and the possibilities of future gaming, yet today we have gamers arguing about what is better, ‘PS Move’ or ‘Kinect’, when in fact we should be thanking Nintendo for the motion breakthrough.

Fuck the Wii! Sold my Wii, let me clean the dust off my Wii, it’s no HD, The Wii has no games. These are all comments you will read on forums, blogs, sites regarding the Wii’s abilities. While, I won’t disagree that my Wii picks up dust more than my PS3 and 360, it’s funny to see gamers fighting over what motion system is better, the ‘Kinect’ or ‘PS Move’. All of sudden you love motion gaming?

Today, gamers are now realizing the actual possibilities of motion gaming, Socom 4 gets motion control support, ‘Kinect’ gets celebrity attention, after many thought playing a Wii looked stupid, look at Kinect… seriously, people look pretty stupid playing with no controls, but that doesn’t matter, it’s the experience, yet gamers couldn’t understand this when the Wii was manhandling motion gaming in 2006.

I have to give it up to the Wii/Nintendo fan-base, these katz are very humble and probably the most intelligent of all. While not into HD or shooters, Wii gamers are rarely fighting on what system is better, I guess they know the truth; Nintendo has set the example, they have dominated in sales, and established motion gaming 4 years before the competition.

Wii truly underestimated the future of gaming. Nintendo runs this bitch, whether we like it or not.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    LoL. I wrote an article about this a month ago. Never posted it because it was just a bit harsh.

    Yeah. Gamers brought this on themselves. They bought Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and all these other games with added equipment because it brought you deeper into the game.

    Sony was even shouted down for not putting force feedback in their Sixxaxis controller.

    Now all the same people that bought the Wii, all those games, and demanded force feedback are starting to realize that gaming is currently changing.

    They can keep complaining and be left out in the cold…or they could just get with the program and enjoy the next generation of gaming.

  • Nice article man, short, sweet and too the point. I was in western samoa with the Peace Corps from 2006-2008 so i missed the first two years of hype, but even when i returned it was hard to find a wii. It was the first console system i had played in two years, traded in the cube and games for it. When I started playing I was so damn giddy. I still am when a game comes out, that devs actually put time into. I enjoy motion controls. I don’t like them all the time, but they have their time and place. I only recently picked up PS3 this year because i wanted to play some other games. But I must say that I think that Nintendo is a truly amazing and innovative company..and just because wii isnt HD doesnt mean shit…If developers spent half the time an effort that they do on other consoles as they did on the wii i think we would have had better results, better games and a more hard core audience…but I blame lack of core players on the developers and their lack of open mind and only sticking to “graphics” which is silly when there is such a large audience for platformers, retro games, etc. But the thing that makes me sick is that the Wii has a lot more potential than devs even think is there–i mean look at The Last Story…shit it looks better than alot of the crap that gets put out for xbox or ps3. Devs just need to think intuitively rather than in the current matter where all games must be 3rd person or 1st person shooters with different stories.

  • ssssssssssss

    I liked the motion control idea from the start. Problem I had is I hate all Wii games. Mario and Zelda…ummm no thanks. How can you compare games like Mario and Zelda to games like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4 and Heavy Rain? Answer…you can’t. That’s why I never got a Wii. I’m not 7 years old, a woman, or 77 years old. Is it possible a lot more people were actually interested in motion control but because of the childish games of the Wii it gave motion control a bad name for serious gamers? Yes. I can’t be the only one. This whole thing about “if you like motion controls you’re not a serious gamer” is complete bs. I can’t enjoy playing Sports Champions with Move and then enjoy a hardcore game with the dualshock? If you really believe that you’re a moron and I feel sorry for you because you’re missing out and you’re probably an ignorant teen with a chip on your shoulder.

    I have absolutely no interest in a Wii. So why did I buy a Move and why am I enjoying Sports Champions and will be enjoying some hardcore shooters? Because it’s not a Wii and it’s not Mario. Can I play Killzone 3 on the Wii? No? Then why would I get a Wii? I can play and adult game like Killzone 3 with HD graphics with animations that don’t make me feel like a 7 year old and then play it again for a completely different experience using Move. After playing 3 hardcore shooters in a row with the dualshock, yeah, I appreciate now being able to use a motion controller playing something like Sports Champions. It breaks up the monotony.

    The Wii was geared to a very specific audience. When the Wii came out I thought “too bad they didn’t have a more accurate motion controller like that for the ps3 to be used for adult games”. Well well well, now they do. Yeah, I’ll jump on that. What I like about Move is you can take it or leave it. With a Wii you HAVE to use the motion controller..all the time. With the ps3 I get the best of both worlds. Do I use the regular controller or the most accurate motion controller on the market today? Now I have a choice on the same console. It’s there if you want something different. If you’re perfectly content with your regular controller than keep using it. You hate the Move? Great…never use it then. If you want to experience the most accurate motion controller on the market, that would be the Move then.

    Porsche does exactly what a Model T does. They both go from here to there the exact same way. Both have four tires, doors, hood, horn, steering wheel, motor, gas tank, etc. Yet a Porsche is not a Model T. Porsche didn’t get accused of ripping off the Model T, but somehow the Move gets accused of ripping off the Wii. Porsche performs better than a Model T which must mean Porsche sucks I guess. Move performs better than a Wii which means Move sucks. So now there’s a better version of the Wii and that’s a bad thing? Ummm…ok. So…we should of just stuck with a Model T and not try to improve on it? You keep telling yourself that and maybe one day you’ll believe it.

    People don’t like that perhaps…perhaps the gaming world is changing. I hate to break this to you but everything is changing all the time. Why don’t we use turntables for LP’s anymore? Why aren’t we still watching tube tv’s? Why aren’t we still using rotary phones? If it changes enough to where you don’t like it then give it up and find something else. Neither you nor I are going to stop it so quit whining about it.

    Sony “ripped off” the Wii and made it better, Microsoft “ripped off” the ps2 eyetoy and made it better. At the end of the day, this article and my opinion don’t mean a damn thing because many many people will keep enjoying the Wii, start enjoying the Move, and Kinect whether you and I like it or not. Only thing that matters is…are people enjoying it?

    Yeah, I’m bored and had time to kill. Happy Halloween.

  • phil

    when the wii came out i was working retail. everyday people would call asking if we had any wiis. when we did have them people actually ‘camped’ all night in the store. it didnt take long to be irritating. personally, i didnt want a wii because of the motion sensing nonsence. i do have a playstation3 and an xbox360 (which gathers dust) and i can honestly say i do not care about their motion sensing nonsence. it isnt a surprise that caught on…the stupid stuff usually does.

    • Yeah, I remember standing in line at midnight just to get a Wii. The funny thing about it, was that I wasn’t even trying to get a Wii, a buddy asked if I wanted to go with him because we he thought walmart opened at midnight, but it turned out that it opened till 7am. I stood out there so long that I decided to just buy one after the walmart employee handed me a ticket.