New Xbox 360 250GB Available For $230 Lowest Price Yet

Just when gamers though that $250 would be low enough for a 250GB New Xbox 360, the price drops yet another $20. How is Sony dealing with these unbelievable Xbox deals?Now, if only Newegg offered Fat PS3 bundles for cheap

Newegg is on a video game deal rampage right now, making the Final Fantasy XIII 250GB White Elite Limited edition available for only $230 with free shipping. Ladies and gentleman, if you don’t own a 360, this 360 is one of the newest models pre the slim, and at this price, it’s hard to pass it up.

* Xbox 360 Console
* 250GB Hard Drive
* 2 Wireless Controllers
* Copy of Final Fantasy XIII
* Xbox 360 Wired Headset

  • Spanky

    Very sleazy headline there guys, try and clean things up a bit, if you throw out integrity to get hits, eventually you will get none.

    • Yo Spanky, thanks for your comment. I realized that was not necessary, I have modified the text. Just know that, it was not intended for fame, more of a question, curiosity . Hopefully that clears it up.