Street Fighter X Tekken

Don’t throw away your fighting pads just yet. To fighting fans’ surprise, Capcom officially announced Street Fighter X Tekken (X equals VS ) at Comic Con this past weekend.

Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono was quick to point out that the game will be available on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 which should be applauded. Even more interesting is that the game is in development at Namco which actually makes the Tekken series. Does this mean we’ll be seeing a more realistic version of Street Fighter characters ala the Street Fighter EX series? Chances are we’ll find out soon enough as production is already underway.

Unfortunately no release date is officially announced but you can whet your appetite by watching the trailer below:

Update: According to G4TV‘s lastest post, both Namco and Capcom will be making two seperate cross-over games without collaboration. So in essence we’ll be seeing Namco’s Tekken X Street Figher and Capcom’s Street Fight X Tekken. This could mean we’ll get entirely one game with Street Fighter backgrounds and cartoony characters while the other contains fighting arenas from the Tekken series and more realistic character models.

No word on pricing or if both games will be released together as a boxed set.