Could Bungie’s Tease Be ‘Halo’ the Movie?

Just when we thought that Master Chief would never return to a Halo game, Bungie teases us with a statement that has Halo fans in a frenzy. But, Halo fans may want to settle down, and realize that this could be nothing but a Movie teaser statement.

During Bungie’s San Diego Comic-Con 2010 panel this weekend, the firm told attendees that: “You haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.” While many have speculated that this can be for a Halo 4 return, or an appearance in Halo: Reach before it ends. This can also lead to some other parts of his enlistment that we have never played through or seen. Can this be an early tease to the ‘Halo’ movie? I would say more than likely, considering the ‘Halo’ IMDB official posting.