Would You Pay $250 For a 250GB Xbox 360?

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 250GB slim model has caused incredible price drops on another 360 console that is no more than 4 months old.

Newegg is currently offering a Final Fantasy 250 GB white Super Elite Model, the only Super Elite in White, with a jasper chipset, 250GB hard drive, 2 controllers, headset, and Final Fantasy XIII the game for $249.99. These particular 360 models are very limited, since they are they only Xbox 360’s with the title ‘Super Elite’. Originally came out in November 2009. The Final Fantasy Bundle originally released in March 2010.

**Update** Amazon has just topped this deal, by throwing in a free FF13 360 faceplate
Amazon has Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle w/ 250GB Hard Drive + Final Fantasy XIII Faceplate for $250 with free shipping.

This is a great deal, I recently picked up a ‘Splinter Cell: Conviction Bundle’ for the same price of $249.99, and it is cooler, consuming less power, and much more quiet than the older 360 models. Check out my ‘Xbox 360 Super Elite Review” here.

  • mattm

    i must say the xbox 360 has had some kick ass deals. i waited in line for 12 hours to get a 20 gb xbox 360 (only 2 have some1 break in my house and steal it) and then i got a 60gb and i love it. i want to either trade in my xbox 360 for the slim or i might just give my 60gb to my son and buy the tne slim either way i am very happy with my xbox 360. i havent used my wii in months and i dont plan on buying a ps3 any time soon,