Xbox 360 250GB Super Elite Review- A Slim Difference For Much Less

Microsoft released the new Xbox 360 250GB Slim model to replace all older 360 models this past June. With new 360’s hitting the shelves, the older models are dropping in price, and one model should be considered as an alternative to the slim, packing the same storage at 250GB, same color, and a cooler and low power consumption system than older 360s.

The Xbox 360 250GB Super Elite was introduced as a limited edition bundle console in late 2009 with Modern Warfare 2. It later came with other bundle options, such as Final Fantasy XIII (in white finish) and Splinter Cell: Conviction. The console has a sexy flat black finish with; HDMI, Ethernet, USB ports, standard video port, with 2 black controllers, one black Xbox live headset, one Ethernet cable, a set of composite cables (no High Def cables included), and the bundled game, in this case; Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The Xbox 360 Super Elite comes with the Jasper 65nm CPU and GPU with a smaller 150w power supply, reducing the power consumption, therefore reducing heat. The power supply is about half the size of those of the older 360 models, such as; the Falcon, Xenon, and Zephyr chipset models. The Super Elite only comes second in power consumption after the Xbox 360 slim that has a 135w power supply and a Valhalla 45nm combined chip.

The console’s noise levels are much lower than those of the original Xbox 360. When initially turning the console on, I noticed that the power-up noise was no longer present like the older 360 models. The console sounds smoother and quite when idled. The disc drive still produces some noise, but that is where the 250GB hard drive comes in to play. Installing 360 games directly to the hard drive will increase load times, and reduce disc drive noise while playing.

With a 250GB hard drive, less power consumption and cooler system than those of the older models, the Xbox 360 Super Elite is the best alternative to a new Xbox 360 Slim. Despite not having built-in wireless, the systems are very similar. With the recent release of the new Slim model, you can find a Super Elite now a day for $150 less than a 360 slim, and it still holds the extended 3 year warranty Microsoft automatically set a few years back. This beats the 1 year warranty the current Slim model has, and even gives you the option to swap out hard drives.

If you are in search for a Hardcore Xbox 360 with enough storage, but want to save some cash, The Xbox 360 Super Elite offers everything minus the wi-fi the new Slim model offers for much less.

I purchased the Xbox 360 Super Elite Splinter Cell: Conviction Bundle from Newegg for $249.99 with free shipping.
Final Verdict: 4 out of 5

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  • Gwynfor S.-Evans

    Thanking you for breaking down the tech specs on XBox 360 250gb slim, XBox 360 250gb Super elite & XBox 250gb elite. This is now very help full because my PS3 120gb that I got for Christmas in 2009 from my brother in which I gave up my Wii & several games plus dual charger extra nunchuck & remote( injured my back swinging motion too painful; my brother’s kids wanted it for Christmas that year).Started too lock up & freeze certain games like mass effect 2. went too Gamestop got about $400.00 in store credit for PS3 120GB slim & several games (I was lucky for the PS3 slim too pass their test)Any way I needed too stretch my money & the manager said he had alternative a Brand New XBox 360 250GB Final Fantasy XIII edition with game,extra controller,head set & other stuff for $310.00 So I did the math new XBox 360 Slim 250GB no game, no extra controller & it cost $300.00 alone So I went with the Final Fantasy Edition I just was not sure if this was a reliable unit or not? Beside’s that I am very concerned about this Fad about Video Game console maker’s like Sony & Microsoft all of a sudden going toward’s Slim? why Nintendo did not follow this trend? Their Wii has been out since 2006 yet they don’t slim down their console’s all I ask is a game console too last more than just 2 too 3 years! That’s why I kind of miss the old Cartridge game console’s except for the last Cartridge game console Nintendo 64 the game’s were priced too high & I think it just could not compete with the disc game console of that time PS2&XBox1.Any way thank’s again it looks like I have a Super Elite XBox 250GB with the reliable Jasper chip.(hopefully it will last more than 2 years).