Blue Agave Episode 5

Join the Blue Agave crew on Episode 5 as Denoch, YodaTheThird, and Kosamus as we talk Gaming, Movies, and T.V Shows
Is the PlayStation Plus a Must or a Bust?
PSP and 3DS are also calling machines
Drunken Stories from fellow friends.

Featured Song: Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja By Lostprophets

  • -Denoch, I heard Firefly is really good, co-workers tell me to watch it. I heard Serenity really make you watch the actual show.

    -Yoda, If they had an Alan Wake 360, I would but it. Alan Wake is the best 360 game to date.

    -Kosamus, hahaa you were all over Yoda, ‘he will smoke you out if you play with him’. hahahaha!

    Good show guys, it gets better and better every time. Looking forward to the next show.