Write a Game Review, Kmart might Use it

Kmart has been making their presence felt recently with video game promotions and sales. Kmart has truly focused on pushing the fact that they also offer competitive prices and exclusive video game deals on hot games and now, they have stepped it up yet another notch by accepting customer video game reviews.

Kmart recently announced that they will be accepting customer reviews for store use if selected. The reviews would be posted in the front shelve of the video game it pertains to. Kmart is really focusing on their video game department, aiming at the competition and making sure people know that Kmart is still around.

  • Thanks for writing about our efforts, Desz. We think this is a great opportunity to really bridge our online and in-store expriences, as well as our hardcore and more casual gaming customers.

    (NOTE: I’m the social media manager for Kmart/Sears Electronics.)

    • Hey Daniel, good to hear from you, welcome to TQcast. I like what you guys are doing, that MGS” Peace Walker, Alan Wake, Singularity deal caught my attention and I just couldn’t go without sharing what you guys are doing in the gaming department. Thanks, gamers appreciate what you guys are doing. Keep in touch!