So Much for Hacking The PS3. PS3 Remains Unhackable.

Who’s next to try and hack the PS3? Earlier this year many people believed the PS3 was only a Blu-Ray drive and memory access away from being able to play back-ups, but now, it’s back to the drawing board. The PS3 can’t be hacked!…yet.

After releasing a PS3 exploit to the world earlier this year, the hacker by the name of “Geo Hotz” has decided to call it quits just short of completing the PS3 hack. TQcast reported earlier this year, during Geo’s announcement to the world, that it will be years away before we see any PS3 back up games, which proves the strength of the PS3’s firewall.

While it would be stupid to think that Geo is the only person in the world with the ability and dedication to hack the PS3, the task does not appear to be simple or cheap. Many others like Geo are hard at work every day to accomplish what has yet to be accomplished on the most powerful gaming console in the planet.

Geo may have cost us Linux on the PS3, but stability and reliability is far more important now a days.

The look on Sony PS3 employees right now – ‘Priceless’.

Let’ just hope this isn’t a fake announcement by Geo that would lead to this:
“In other news..Geo fakes his retirement, to avoid blame on the PS3’ long awaited hack.”

  • sdfds

    that fag. comes in and fucks the people who use linux then leaves.

  • Perry

    That bitch fucked up my iPhone!

  • ano

    He was pressured by Sony’s legal team to quit or face trails that would ruin anyone!

  • unknow

    hes probably just hiding the fact that hes still hacking the ps3 so sony could let their guards down

  • The1

    He can’t do it so he says he’s retiring long live the ps3

  • TSname

    He said the PS3 would be hacked 100%…
    Such an idiot… nothing happend.

    A stupid little phone from apple is not a powerful console by Sony and IBM…

  • $ONY

    He’s just on vacation guys.
    Payed vacation. All expenses on Sony.

  • SeeCatspike

    Like they said, this isn’t the only person on the job. Just takes time. 😉

  • exxbot


    The PS3 is one hard nut to crack!
    Take that in the nuts 360!

  • mattm

    wow who cares if people can crack it.? does that mean it has shitty games? NO! so shut up and play your damn games. your such a loser

  • TigerClaw

    This is interesting cause people still haven’t cracked the Blu-Ray yet.

  • cenaWWE™

    someone has hacked the ps3 but doesn’t care to share it with the world.
    i know if i were any good at hacking anything i would not share the fact that “I” was the one who did it atleast not to the public.

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