2 Years After: MGS4 Continues to be a PS3 Best Seller

Over 2 years after its release, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, continues to be a PS3 best seller, by earning the #11 spot in the Amazon PS3 category and #51 spot in the overall video games category, sitting above another great, Uncharted 2.

A quite impressive stat for one of the best games of all time. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots continues to be a ‘beast’ in sales, even 2 years after its release. MGS4 recently, moved from the #10 overall PS3 category in Amazon, to the #11 spot, riding above another PS3 great, Uncharted 2. Not bad for one of the oldest games in the top 100 Amazon video game list, being beat by only Halo 3 holding the #76 overall spot, which released 1 year earlier.

There is no question that MGS4: Guns of the Patriots is one of the greatest video games of all times, and arguably the best PS3 game to date. The over 4.8 million copies sold world wide prove it, and the reviews confirm it. You can find the PS3 great for under $20 today. A steal on a game that continues to hold its own against 2010 video games. A must have for all PS3 owners.

  • Dood365

    “2 Years After, MGS4 Continues to be a PS3 Best Seller”
    Becuz it haz no gamez…

    • Heavy Rain, MAG, Little Big Planet, Demon’s Souls, God of War 3, Motor Storm,Valkyria Chronicles….yeah plenty of exclusives.

      • Dood365

        Wii is the king, more exclusives than either the Xbox or the Ps3. Just sayin.

  • John Lock

    No games? Resistance 1 & 2, Mod Nation Racers, MLB The Show,
    R & C, Killzone 2, Uncharted 1 & 2 etc. etc.

  • JD

    Infamous 1-2, KZ 2-3, Last Guardian, FF XIV, FF XIII Versus, LBP 1-2, Resistence 1-3, Uncharted 1-2, Mod Nation, God of War III, Demon Souls, MAG, Heavy Rain, Sorcery, Socom 4, MLB the Show, R & C, GT5, Sports Champ, Twisted Metal, RUSE, White Knight Chron. 2, Valkyrie Chron, Braid, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, and lot more but i forgot.

  • Kapado

    Dood is a troll and a Bad one at that. so ignore him and lets hope he goes back to playing in traffic.

  • plmko

    Well perhaps he had a time machine and thought the year was 2007.

  • cell989

    If only it had trophy support, I would give it a 6 run, the story and gameplay still competes with the best today.

  • cell989

    @ Dood365

    The WIi is the king of $h!t software, and by the bunches

  • trendy

    I hate to be a dick, but this is really starting to annoy me! So many articles I see “sells” writen instead of “sales”. If you are going to write articles, at least take some pride in your work, rather then take an, “it’s good enough” sort of attitude.

    Your sentence should read, “MGS4: Guns of the Patriots continues to be a ‘beast’ in sales.”

    The only time you should use “sells” is if you are writing a statement such as, “The bakery sells bread!”

  • Paulm

    @trendy says the guy that misspelled ‘written’…yeah, you are a douche!

  • trendy

    Maybe I am a douche and indeed I did mispell “written”, but the problem here is I’m not publishing articles. Perhaps I’m overly harsh, but constructive criticism is needed to improve Desz’ writing skills, if he is to be taken seriously as a Journalist.

    If I was a writer I’d be grateful for this kind of feedback, it would only improve my work.

  • Nimsk

    Isn’t anyone going to join me on my hands and knees too embrace the lord hide Kojima ?