Xbox LIVE Has Gamers Brainwashed

For only $49.99 you can join  throngs of  zombies on Xbox Live or you could get a get a return on your investment with PlayStation Plus. I know what you’re thinking. Oh brother…another PS3 fanboy post. Granted, I prefer the PS3 over my 360 but I also prefer common sense over irrationality.

Millions of users love Xbox Live and with good reason; however, love alone does not excuse paying for over 80% of features available elsewhere for FREE. With the exception of Xbox Live Primetime, Cross Game Chat, True Skill, and Live Anywhere, Xbox Live features are ridiculously unnecessary.

While the party system is convenient, it is hard to justify paying $49.99 to play unranked games with my friends which in most cases negates the True Skill feature. Custom soundtracks and a handful of other features can easily be put into games by developers. Netflix, Hulu, ESPN,, Twitter, and Facebook are all available free elsewhere and do nothing to add to gaming. While on the PSN, Facebook is integrated with the Trophy system and the PlayStation Store….once gain…for FREE.

So what are Xbox Live patrons really paying for? In truth…a reason to keep using the Xbox 360.

While gamers pay for the right to play online with Microsoft, Sony has released a program which does not force you to pay for basic online gaming. Instead they give users special beta invites, automatic patch downloading, free games, and free downloadable content–all of this is specifically used to entice and reward you to  play on the PS3.

Sony does not spend a whole lot of time integrating things into the XMB unless it adds to your gaming or their store. That is exactly why Netflix requires a disc and why Hulu+ won’t be a “custom experience.” Because of Sony’s approach, the XMB is clean, efficient, and prominently focused on gaming. When coupled with PlayStation.Blog Share, it is easy to see just how much the PSN and PlayStation Plus can grow.

So when gamers say Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Plus or that PlayStation Plus is not worth it, ask them why the hell they bought a gaming console in the first place? To play music, watch ESPN, and talk on Twitter? Or perhaps they bought it to play games.

Which do you think is more valuable to a gamer…Xbox Live or PSN with PlayStation Plus? Do you subscribe to one or both? Why?

  • J

    no matter WHAT the PS3 does .. it will still fail… the Playstation controller is the epidemy of shit in the console controller world… no matter what they improve… i will not play games on that console until they get rid of that god forsaken controller….(mostly shooters) (i have a ps3 but only use it for bluray, like many people who purchased ps3s)

    • Eddy

      So the Playstation controller is godforsaken cause you can’t play your shooters? Maybe if you actually played something where you can hold a gun and gun virtual people down you’d see just how much Xbox is behind on their controller. On fighters that controller is absolute shit and RPGs it doesn’t matter which controller you have. The fact that the Xbox controller is less precise is a downfall in itself.

    • Strange

      Pressure sensing

      End of comparison

    • john

      Nice one mate………… you’ve just labeled yourself as a retard for all to see! What an utter moron!

      • Derbiom

        I think although i play on the ps3 xbox seems to be better (my brother got live for first time today) the controllers on xboxes are better and dont break if you stand on them by accident, the menu is much more straight forward and clear, despite paying £35 for the router thats needed (not needed for ps3) the xbox online is much smoother and has no lag as of yet. While if i swap the ps3 into the same room as xbox it disconnects every few minutes and a constant lag all the time.

      • Skiing Johnny

        Yeah the xbox also has lots of kids talking about crap and trying to annoy people so thats a downer.

    • PSN Is Garbage

      The guy that wrote this is not only irrational, but he’s a moron as most people who prefer a subpar network to a premium one are. I would school the OP six from sunday on his stupid opinion. Look me up online. My gamertag is “PSN Is Garbage”. And past this along to the 1000’s of ps3 delusional fanboys as I have never lost a debate regarding the differences of both consoles and their respective networks. PS3 fanboys just don’t know.. haha

      PSN Is Garbage XBL

  • smoke

    Hands gator his sign —–>

  • kane_1371

    j you really suck.

    • john

      U said it bro! He bought a PS3 for ‘blu-rays, like many people did’ what a load of stinking horse shite! If they wanted a blu-ray they should have just bought a blu-ray player which is cheaper. They bought a PS3 cuz its the best console and they couldn’t live w/o some of the exclusives that are out or coming out on the PS3

  • LOL

    Why this motherfucker wrote it costs $50 You can get XBL subscription as low as $33 online with free shipping !

    Im sorry what ?

    “Sony does not spend a whole lot of time integrating things into the XMB unless it adds to your gaming”

    Yeah ur right they still have no cross chat feature yet every fucking firmware has more improvements to some social bullshit like facebook and youtube movie editing and uploading option GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK !

    • yodathe3rd

      ok cross game chat in all the time of the ps3 i have never had one use for the cross game chat its more annoying then anything when im playing a single player game i don’t need to hear or talk to someone else and multiplayer i will talk to the people i want to and mute the rest its not that hard.

  • RaeganKingGeneral

    I perfer Xbox Live. It’s easy as hell to get everyone together for a match even if were not playing the same game. And I like using last fm on my sound system. And watching rentals in 1080P. But although I perfer xbl, I think the writer is right in some ways. Us Xbox Live customers keep getting nickel and dimed by microsoft. Why can’t silver members enjoy things like facebook Twitter which is free on preety much any phone or computer or browser? And why do we need to pay for gold to pay for something that requires another payment like netflix and hulu? It really sucks and it gets on my nerves cause they should be making xbl unique and greater to justify the price of the service, instead of givin us the same features and add a price tag.

    • Thank you for your intelligent reply. Clearly the Zombie tag doesn’t apply to you.

  • Red

    Of course, gamers use any excuse to start a fanboy war. Pathetic.

    Anyway, it is true. Both XBL and PSN+ are complete rip offs, and gamers lap them up. PC gamers already understand this, then again, PC gamers have had a more proactive role in the consumption of online based services than most console based gamers.

    This is almost besides the point, in that gaming on a console has become more and more expensive over the years. We are continuously nickel and dimed on every front, being asked to pay extra for everything.

    Have we, as gamers, not done our part? Have we not taken this niche pass time to the most profitable form of entertainment this planet has ever seen? Yes, we have

    Is it our fault that games have become so expensive to make in such a short amount of time. Is it our fault that some games have to break 3-5 million sales just to break even? Is it our fault publishers use Metacritic scores as business tools to make sure they make the most profitable games possible, killing off entire subgenres in the process?
    No, its not.

    We have done more for this industry than anyone has ever done for an entertainment medium, and we are always on the sharp end of a long stick. Remember kids, the only way to be a “hardcore” gamer is to “Elevate your game” by buying a PSN+ subscription, and spend 100$ every year on the new Call of Duty and subsequent map packs. Real gamers find a way to get screwed out of their money, only fake gamers think before they spend.

  • Well done getting traffic to your terrible website. WOW what an amateur author. dont quit your day job kid, because you are such a BIASED idiot. Such an idiot. I cant believe i gavemyou a hit on your shitty website you stupid ps3 fanboy. Dont be biased if your writing articles, it shows how retarded ps3 fanboys are.

    • yodathe3rd

      the article is just fine and lots of good points are made the website is awesome if you don’t like it then leave and go back to N4G they probably miss a fanboy like you over there.

    • john

      The only fanboys I know are the 360 boys! U cant call someone a fan boy for simply stating the obvious truth mate! Why u lot continue to go on and fucking on about the 360 is baffling, especially since now EVERYONE knows which console is better (and by some distance) even M$ are admitting it. So just deal with it and be happy u can even afford a console. So grow up, and stop whining when someone says yr console is crap, it just shows how bloody insecure you are about it!

  • truthhurts

    Its simple, free shitty service or pay for good online playing.

  • bert

    360 owner, I have to agree. people say the online experience is so much better on Live but I highly doubt it. im paying for internet service, then i have to pay extra just to use my own internet on the console? also, i don’t even use majority of the features of Gold, just playing online. i dont care about playing with my friends on Gold, chatting, messages or whatever, I have a computer for that. PSN isn’t too great either, but since it’s free to play online (the only thing i need), then I prefer that over Live. But if I had to choose, then it would be PC gaming.

  • val

    Lol at J’s biased nonsense. The xbox controller is not objectively better than the ps3 controller. I’ll bet you’re trying to hold the dualshock with your palms on the handles instead of finger tips. It’s just a case of getting used to the difference, I have both xbox and ps3 and for shooters they are 95% just the same experience. The ps3 sticks are actually a lot looser and thus more accurate while on xbox you have to put quite a bit of pressure to move them at all making it feel more “weighty”. Multi-plat devs have admitted this by saying it’s hard to get weighty controls on ps3 – personally I prefer higher accuracy.

    And the digital pad, bumper buttons and face buttons on the 360 are definitely inferior to the ps3’s. Metal gear rising will certainly be compromised slightly by this, as the metal gear series has always made use of the ps3’s pressure sensitive buttons. I’m sure if microsoft had copied them we’d have better sports games now. Instead of all actions being determined by how long you push a button, with the ps3 they can use how hard you pushed it adding faster controls which are very important in sports games. This barely talked about feature is imo extremely important and underused. It’s like having 6 extra buttons but hardly any games take advantage. The 360 controller on the other hand has far better vibration, triggers and some find it more comfortable.

    360 online is slightly better if you have friends, but only because of parties and that multi-platform games don’t do enough for ps3 community – check out MGO, resistance, killzone2, etc. to see the difference compared to MW2 in community features like clans, tournaments, training rooms, fun modes etc.. halo 3 is the only xbox shooter I know of with good community features. Gears of War is laughable really.

    The problem with playstation plus, and the reason I’m not buying it, is I already own the games. AND I’m not going to buy anymore psn games either, I’ll just wait until PS+ has a good offer and get it, so Sony could actually lose money with this.

  • *fingers in ears*


    You don’t have to rationalize a fucked up obstacle by calling it a feature and good for the user. What if I want to play MW2 with my friends who all have Live? Pay for PSN+ and sit there by myself with games that Sony says I should play? Fuck that. You are biased but you try to hide behind a thin viel of “Look, I have a Xbox, I just prefer my PS3”. Than just fucking say that, say that you prefer something over something else and go about your day, don’t try to force your opinions on everyone else; it’s childish.

  • Steven Kelly

    I completely disagree with you on this matter. While we pay for things that are free elsewhere such facebook, we are paying for good things like cross game chat and we pay so that Microsoft can buy exclusives, games like GTA and FF13 were to be exclusive or to put bids on DLC so that we get the DLC first or at the same time.

    You may say “but we have this cross game chat now”, sure you do, its great isn’t it, now think to yourself, “damn 360 users have had this for 3 years”

    We are not paying for the marketplace, achievements or game chat, you can do all those while not paying! We are paying for more than you think, those exclusives must be bought over onto the 360 and we are paying for them, we are paying for DLC and to have a better online system.

    I love the PS3 and do believe the quality of games is much higher but I would gladly pay for it to become a much better system because only a fanboy will say the online is equal to the 360.

    I think the end of your article is a little….well, its not based on facts or logic I would say. Saying that you should not buy your console for its media features instead of a gaming platform. The point was that you could listen to your music when playing games, and surely you should jump on that being as the PS3 is a better media player.

    Thats the reason PS3 sold in the first place is it not? and the proof lies with game sales. lets take a look at the biggest games.
    Killzone 2 = 2 million
    uncharted 2 = 3 million
    metal gear solid 4 = 5 million

    Killzone is a first person shooter, the most popular genre, so where is the other 33 million gamers. I wouldnt shout my mouth off about buying it for its games and not media when the PS3 is selling mainly to adults for its Blu ray player as it was a cheap blu ray player in the beginning.

    Thats why your games arnt selling and thats why I can bet you that sony will get sick of their low income (it costs more to build a ps3 than sell it now) so they might be including more features to this premium or may even start taking from you non subcribers

    • Thank you for your reply.

      1) You are okay with paying for exclusives. I’m sorry but if that’s the case you should be getting the game for free.

      2) Yes you had voice chat 3 years ago. You’ve also spent $150 dollars that I haven’t. Hope you made the best of that $150.

      3) The “taking features away from non subscribers” is very weak. There are no facts to support this argument. In fact, everything Sony does points towards the opposite.

  • exxbot

    Yeah I got rid of that infernal Xbox3fixme for its controller for damaging my middle finger! Its even worse than nintendonitis and epilepsy

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf

    You guys are so blind… Remember the first paragraph of this article you guys are mouthing off to? You don’t face reality. You guys act irrationally… How is he a fanboy? Oh sorry guys he is totally a fanboy because he doesn’t say that they are equal or that XBL is better! SORRY! I didn’t know that cross game chat, coming soon to PSN, and the other small features are worth $50 a year! Oh and the guy who said you can buy it online for $33 a lot of people prefer to keep their credit cards safe and aren’t aware of that and won’t search for it.

    How the hell is Playstation Plus a ripoff? One guy said both are while some of you said that Plus is a ripoff and Live isn’t! FUCKING DUMBASSES. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO STOP BEING IDIOTS. Playstation Plus is $50 a year and you get 3 months free for a limited time if you buy a year subscription. EVERY month they give away free games, DLC, themes, avatars, etc. and you get access to every beta that will come out. On XBL you pay for a few small features that are not even related to gaming… They don’t even use that money to pay for your timed exclusive DLC… Microsoft could already afford that. Microsoft pulls desperate attempts to increase sales and gets majorly lucky because so many dumbasses are just dumbasses and think something like timed exclusive DLC is a huge deal… Microsoft could already afford that! In fact they could afford to give everyone a couple free quality games and they could do that if Live never cost anything! You guys keep telling yourself excuses such as “they use the money to pay for things for us!”. Live doesn’t host any dedicated servers, it doesn’t give you free content, it doesn’t let you access even Netflix unless you have a Gold account even though you already paid for Netflix, IT MAKES YOU PAY FOR NETFLIX WHEN YOU PAY $50 A YEAR FOR XBL, it doesn’t do anything for you! Believe it or not but just about every Xbox 360 owner is an idiot and if you don’t believe me then go on Live and listen to the idiots that talk crap to each other. Somehow Live and Xbox 360s get sales just because of timed exclusive content! This is how stupid consumers are these days. Gamers used to be smart and cool people. Now many are idiots, wannabes, and assholes. All because they have no common sense. Thanks. The gaming industry has gotten worse because people lack common knowlledge. I guess its not common anymore…

  • I like the policing of the service as a paid feature. With PSN, there is no banning of IPs or consoles for frequent cheaters and violators of terms of use. A person can simply create a new PSN ID and continue on being disruptive to other gamers’ experiences. Xbox Live has a great system for dealing with this and when they say you are done on Xbox Live, you have to get much more creative in getting back online. Also, the avoid and mute functions are pretty stellar and give you the tools you need to have the best experience possible on the service.

    The PS3 is a great system, but I truly feel like Live is the better service. I will happily pay continue to pay for my perceived value.

    • john

      There’s no need to ban players on PSN like u do with LIVE! That is cuz LIVE is full of DICKS!!! You obviously haven’t spent time with the PSN community……..well at least not the European one. Why the fuck should I have to pay to go online?? fuck that shite, u cant even surf the net…………i cannot understand how people shell out cash for this horse shit! Its no wonder the xbox only works well in the States and the UK (can u see where im going with this?)

  • I’ll be trying out Xbox Live this week for the first time in a while. I like the PSN, but not thrilled about PSN plus, perhaps when they offer something I’m interested in, I’ll jump aboard. I think all these online services are only charging to pay for their bandwidth fees.

    I agree with John, although you will still catch some weirdos on the PSN, Xbox Live from what I remember had tons of kids talking shit all the time.

  • rangedx

    So when gamers say Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Plus or that PlayStation Plus is not worth it, ask them why the hell they bought a gaming console in the first place? To play music, watch ESPN, and talk on Twitter? Or perhaps they bought it to play games.


    yeah, this reminds me of the Blu-Ray vs. DVD debacle. I bought my System to play games not movies.

  • Skiing Johnny

    Xbox bans to make more cash also wtfwtfwtf u sound like a fanboy for saying that. Also no one go and judge other peoples comments saying ‘But he likes it more aswell’ since thats one person.

    In todays community game consoles arent just about games anymore. They should be called Multi-Media Consoles or Media consoles.

  • Skiing Johnny

    Xbox has speedier internet than the ps3, even when its further away i play on my ps3 more but if i put it in the 360 room it would lag like hell.

    I think xbox is better looking has better features better online and stuff but in the end it comes down to personal preference, and i prefair the ps3.

  • AJ

    Actually there are plenty of places online where you can get XBL 12 month subscriptions for about 30 dollars. PSN also doesnt look like it is polished. I prefer XBL’s visual approach for everything. Although I find it completely stupid that people would actually buy stuff for their avatars.