Medal of Honor PS3/PC Beta Keys Available To All Now

For those who have yet to join the PS3 or PC Medal of Honor Beta, now is your chance to experience the whole game:

Get Medal of Honor below:

Medal of Honor Game PS3, 360, PC

Medal Of Honor Keys for both PC and PS3 are now open to all users by going to It is simple, if you are not a member, simply choose ‘register for free’ and ignore the paid plans.

Get your key today!

How do I redeem my Medal of Honor Beta code?


Do not redeem your beta code for Medal of Honor through your console or PC!

You must first go to and redeem your code through the site.

Step 1: Log in with your EA Account.
If you have more than one EA Account, please log in with the account linked to your PSN ID or Gamertag.

Step 2: Enter your 16-digit code.

Step 3: Select your platform. Choose PC or PLAYSTATION 3 (Xbox 360 will be available later).

Once you click on Redeem Your Key, the system will generate a platform-specific code for you. You can now use this code to download the beta on your platform of choice.