PS Move Too Little, Too Late For Heavy Rain?

With recent news about Heavy Rain’s Chronicles DLC taking the back seat in order to make the game compatible with PlayStation Move, it is clear that Heavy Rain’s chance for expansion or re-playability has gone out the window.

Heavy Rain clearly invented a new genre in video gaming. A unique experience that left gamers wanting more. Sony introduced Heavy Rain earlier this year, and since then, the game has sold over 1 million copies and is considered a heavy contender for GOTY.

One major issue gamers complained when Heavy Rain came out, was the game’s control system; the controls appeared to be lacking precision and polish. News then came in that Heavy Rain would be receiving a PlayStation Move update in the near future. While this seemed exciting when announced, Heavy Rain is now going on half a year of its release without the DLC that was initially talked about.

Today, Heavy Rain awaits the PS Move Patch for a chance to get old and new comers to experience the game with motion controls, but will Heavy Rain get the attention it deserves today? 2010 is not shy when it comes to hard core GOTY contending video games. Do we really want to go back to Heavy Rain after 6 months, and no DLC?

In today’s gaming industry, games are popped out every week, new marketing schemes, new excitement for games, new demands and new experiences. Heavy Rain was meant to be a motion controlled game. Heavy Rain would have wiped the floor with the competition if it would have supported Move since day one.

The great David Cage Creator and Director of Heavy Rain has even stated himself, that he was disappointed with the change of plans there was in regards to the Heavy Rain DLC taking a back seat in the Move wave.

Sony obviously understands the importance of Heavy Rain and PS Move coming together, which is why they chose Move over the DLC, but could this have been a mistake? Is PS Move too late for Heavy Rain, or was Heavy Rain too early for PS Move?

  • dj pizzo

    I bought Heavy Rain earlier this year, but haven’t cracked it open yet. I was planning on playing it next, but hearing that Move would be compatible with it makes me want to wait. After playing the demo, I definitley could see how Move would tie into this and will wait to play it now. They just sold me on Move with this strategy.

  • Tim Larkin

    Heavy Rain is not innovative in any way. It certainly did not create a new genre. It is an old-school adventure game where QTEs replace puzzles. Dragon’s Lair and Hevay Rain are identical in design with the exception that Heavy Rain is rendered in real time.