Microsoft Helps You Get a PS3 for only $246 Right Now

From all the companies in the world that can help Sony sell more consoles, Microsoft is the one to do it. Thanks to Microsoft’s Bing search engine, you can get a brand new PS3 slim for only $245.99.

Right Now Microsoft’s Bing and Meijer will get you %18 off a brand new PS3. You will end up paying $245.99 plus shipping and tax.

It is easy! just head over to and do a search for “Meijer” without quotes – and click on the actual site on top. This will direct you to a promotional page with an %18 percent off when you sign up. Not bad at all. But hurry this deal only last till 9pm pst tonight July 30th 2010 at 9:00pm PST! Apparently, Microsoft is putting a stop on all Bing cash backs there after.

I added some screen shots below for further help finding this.

1. do a search on Bing for “Meijer”

2. Click on Meijer site on top.

3. Get the 18% off page prompt.

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf


    Windows = fail(errors, reliability, etc.)
    XBox =fail (errors, reliability, etc.)
    Bing = fail(still not the best search engine, helps their competition, etc.)

    All these terrible products while being one of the richest companies in the world. Shows how pathetic Microsoft is…

  • Microsoft is the best.. all those dumbs whoever say microsoft is waste r bunch of mfs…

    Xbox 360 is truely the best console, but whn it was launched it was not reliable. But M$ gave us 3 years warranty so whats the prob and now the rrod problem is gone, my falcon xbox 360 is working fine for 3yrs and soon going to upgrade to slim xbox. I’am not a M$ Fanboy nor hater of Sony… I use PSP and own a PS2. I like Sony but M$ is fairly the best n greatest thn Sony.

  • Hi,

    I wanted to let you know that I have been watching for a a couple of months on and off and I would like to sign up for the daily feed. I am not to computer smart so I’ll give it a try but I might need some assistance. This is a terrific find and I would hate to lose contact, and maybe never find it again.

    Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to posting again sometime!