PlayStation.Blog Share Proves Quite Effective

PlayStation.Blog Share launched earlier this year to much fanfare as the innovative site gave PS3 consumers a chance to voice their opinions. Since then the massive survey site has been a big hit. 3,502 unique ideas have been submitted by the community with over 1,096,936 votes cast and 46,883 comments.

Firmware 3.40 was released just a couple of days ago along with the debut of Sony’s new premium PSN service PlayStation Plus. Both received rather surprising approval from the community. But when we take a look at PlayStation.Blog.Share, we can see why:

*( Score / Total Votes)  Stats taken as of 6/30/2010 : 3:30 AM CST

*Automatic Game updates (+2,930 / 3741 votes)
*Downloading patches without disc inserted (+1,172 / 1,420 votes)
*Youtube uploader (+559 / 747)
*Allowing people to rate games, movies, etc. on PSN (+328 / 382)
*Share photos and videos on PS3 (+115 / 153)

Even more amazing is the number of requests Sony has already delivered on. The list below contains some requests were altered to allow peek performance or others that have been confirmed but not yet released:

*Team ICO Collection (+8219 / 11,707)
*Kevin Butler hosting E3 Sony Press Conference (+6,080 / 10,838 votes)
*More Remastered PS2 Titles (+5877 / 7,777 votes)
*E3 streamed lived in Home (+3025 / 3791 votes)
*Add HULU via the XMB (+1226 / 1,850 votes)
*Dreamcast games on PSN Store (+985 / 1,303 votes)
*Earlier PlayStation Store Updates (+765 / 1,273 votes)
*Twisted Metal PS3 (+556 / 912 votes)
*Add music to Home Spaces (+428 / 558 votes)
*Kevin Butler commercials for the PSP (+341 / 527 votes)
*Provide HDMI cable in Box with all PS3s (+325 / 391 votes)
*Canadian Video Store (+315 / 609 votes)

While we don’t have cross game voice chat, Metal Gear Solid 4 trophies, or a Brazilian PSN (+5,427 / 9,289 votes,) Sony is listening. They are giving gamers exactly what they want. Now with PlayStation Plus, we will have even more opportunities to impact the entire PlayStation experience.

  • That is crazy, most of the community requests came true. Wow. Good stuff Sony.

  • xino

    one of my ideas was for Sony to spot including manuals to their games boxart.

    My idea was rated down so badly, yet EA, Nintendo are other publishers are rolling out on this!

    so PSN users who rated down my idea can’t do sh*! 🙂

    • xinosdad

      Wasnt your idea numnuts.