Bayonetta Clip Created With PS3 Video Editor

For those wondering how robust the PlayStation 3 Video Editor is, I have created a short Bayonetta clip video, using a 4 minute clip, and breaking it down to 1:27 using custom music, text, cut transitions, and speed up and slow down functions using only the PlayStation 3 Video Editor. check it out.

Keep in mind that the video editor is very simple, and does not compare to Sony Vegas, Final cut, or even iMovie, but a very nice feature none-the-less. Check out the amount of cuts, text, and speed transitions I added for this project.

I started with a blank project and a 4 minute Bayonetta clip.

*(note)The video editor only detects video clips that were added to your PS3 after firmware update 3.40.

This is what the speed transition additions look like on the video editor.

This what the Text addition and edit looks like in the video editor.

The initial video clip was 4 minutes, it got chopped down to 1:27 with added text, music, speed effects, and cut transitions.

The final file was 21mb. The video clip didn’t appear to lose any quality during the rendering. I uploaded directly to Youtube using the PS3. Even in Youtube, it specifies that it was uploaded with ‘PS3 TM’.

The biggest complaint with the PS3 video editor has to be the movement of the text or speed slide bars, they tend to go pass the place you want your bars to land in. Also, the lack of multiple music tracks for one video was disappointing.

None-the-less it is a fun feature to have on the PS3.

On to the next one.

Let me know what you think.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    This should prove quite interesting once game developers start letting people record their gameplay. I know some games allow it but with the release of the video editor, I’m sure we’ll be see more recording now.

    I’d love to use it in ModNation Racers or sports games. Would definitely come in handy for our TQcast tournaments and gaming nights.

  • doom cmyk

    Wow, i been away from PS3 too long. This looks cool.

  • JaeVicious

    @ Juice, up tp 4 different gamertags can sign into xbox live from 1 console… I heard Desz say only one can. But up to 4 can sign in and collect them achievements at the same time playa…