Let’s Go Sony, PS2 to PS3 ‘Classics HD’ Upgrades We Want

With the latest image of the Sly Collection cover clearly showing a ‘Classics HD’ Logo, Sony is sure to have some more PlayStation 2 classics coming in form of HD. The enormous amount of PS2 hits could have Sony working extra hard to make this happen, but there are a few PS2 titles that Sony might want to release before others. Check out 5 PS2 classics that would make the ‘classics HD’ line shine for the PS3.

5. Jak & Daxter Trilogy

Show the world that Naughty Dog is not a one game dev team. Naughty Dog was delivering quality, fun, and classic titles way before Nathan Drake. The Jak and Dexter games would be a great addition to the so called ‘Classics HD’.

4. Resident Evil: The Essentials

Resident Evil is no stranger to the word ‘classic’, the survival horror franchise is one of the most successful and known around the world. Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Resident Evil: Outbreak, and Resident Evil 4 are ready for an HD upgrade, and what better way to do it, than a PS3 Classics collection.

3. Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection

Will Kojima allow this? This might be the most far fetched collection on the list. If MGS4 never received a trophy patch, This trilogy may never see HD.

2. Hitman Trilogy

When bringing up PS2 games remastered in HD for the PS3, Hitman might not be the first choice, but it would be a great choice. Many gamers have long awaited a new Hitman game, while others might like to get introduced to the Hitman series in HD.

1. Team Ico- Ico and Shadow of the Colossus

The ICO team is more than likely baking this as we read, let’s just hope it makes it in time for the holiday season this year. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are PS2 classics that will get PS3 owners going as crazy, as the God of War 3 launch party.

What PlayStation games would you like to see get an HD face lift?

  • hiryu

    While PS2 Classics HD is fine idea. Especially for games which are almost impossible to buy in europe (like not used Sly).
    I cannot understand what PS2 owners who wants to switch to PS3 should do with their PS2 collection – throw away ?

  • Chad

    Yup throw em away it sell em to be honest I think it’s better when they give old ps2 titles a face lift nd trophies. I have a bc compatible ps3 nd I never play ps2 games on it am just not used to such graphics anymore but I would definately buy the ps2 games on blueray

  • ps2fanboy

    i hope these ps2 game will someday be on blu-ray disc. for ps3
    my ps3 collecting dust waiting on ps2 transition to ps3. only transition so far is 3 ratchet an clank games and soon GT5, marvel vs,capcom 3, need for speed HOTPURSUIT
    6 games??? C’ON sony get the lead out of ur feet. plenty of ps2 gamers like to have their favorite ps2 game transition to ps3

  • bzz

    SPLINTER CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPLINTER CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPLINTER CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPLINTER CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yojimbo

    I love the idea that you can replay a ps2 game and earn trophies! Else if it didnt have this feature I’d wouldn’t bother playing it again.

  • xino

    For the Racism/I mean Resident Evil Essential. Sony shouldn’t forget to add Resident Evil remake and Zero.

    Devil May Cry collection.

    Onimusha collection too.

  • edse


  • hugh g rection


  • alien

    alien trilogy and the star wars battlefront series