Classic PS2 Games Could Soon Be Classics HD on The PS3

During this year’s E3 Sony press conference, an announcement regarding the classic PS2 series ‘Sly Cooper’ coming to the PS3 in HD and with Move support, was revealed. But Sony, may have left out part of the announcement.

The good vatos over at Sileconera noticed that the cover for the Sly Collection has a very important logo, ‘Classics HD’. Could this be a sign of more PS2 classics coming in HD? I would have to say… “about time”. This has been teased since the PS2 upgraded version for the PS3, God of War: Collection was released in HD last year. “Team ICO, this is where you guys come in”. Check out the ‘Sly Collection’ Cover below.

  • I will definitely be picking up Sly Cooper Collection because I never played it.

    I’m looking forward to ICO and Shadow of Colossus.