5 Celebrities Sony Can Hire To Promote PS Move

With Microsoft recently hooking up with young super singing star, Justin Bieber to promote Kinect, who can Sony hire to promote the PlayStation Move? Even Kevin Butler and Marcus Rivers may need some help now that Microsoft has stepped out of the box. Below are 5 celebrities that can help Sony sell millions of PlayStation Move motion controllers.

5. Hayden Christensen

Star War fans, would buy 10 controllers if Hayden were to star in a PS move commercial showing off his Lightsaber skills with a PS Move controller.

4. Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao is one of the few boxers considered a world wide celebrity, Pacquiao is one of the nicest boxers in history outside of the ring, and one of the most recognize sports figure today. What better way to promote the PS Move’s sport’s and fighting game capabilities with none other than the Pac-Man himself.

3. Terry Crews

Terry Crews has so much energy and comedy, that he could sell anything pitched at him. Seriously, have you seen his Old Spice commercials?

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox who was recently dropped from the Transformer 3 movie, is now in a good position to browse for new opportunities. Sony should jump on the opportunity and Place a PS Move controller on Megan’s hand.

1. Jaden Smith

This kid has everything going for him right now; he is young, smart, famous and has one of the hottest movies out right now, with ‘Karate Kid’. Having Jaden do a few commercials or even use the PS Move in one of his movies, would rack up some sales.

  • Perdone

    yeah, some people may not know how good Terry Crews is, this dude is funny and cool. Good choice for marketing.

  • Siggy

    Hayden Christensen was horrible in the Star Wars prequel.

  • Kontakt

    Terry Crews is the person they are looking for. Sony should be reading this.

  • wtfwtfwtfwtf

    Better yet… Get a montage of games and put them into a commercial. Maybe of spoof of the “Montage” PS3 commercial with “Kevin Butler” and call it “Movetage” and have tons of games for just Move like Sorcery, have the main character from Harry Potter playing it, Manny Pacquiao playing a boxing game, etc.

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  • vancel

    manny pacquiao!! megan fox!

  • Bob

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  • PS360WII gamer

    Manny Pacquiao and Megan Fox are too expensive if they are the ones to promote PSmove.

  • I love Megan Fox, I think she is extremely sexy!