TQcast Episode 115

TQcast Episode 115 back from E3 2010: “Wii Motion lives and 3DS is Born” (1:27)


The Return of TQ to the TQ-HQ
E3 Recap
E3 parties that shined
E3 games that shined
Nintendo’s 3DS to revolutionize gaming
Lucha Libre game on its way
NBA Jam for Wii best arcade game to date?
Desz explains why the Wii looked refreshed while Kinect and Move looked like carbon copies of the Wii.
Pat Preezy calls in from San Quentin
All that, plus much much mO! lol

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  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    It sure was nice to hear Pat Preezy’s voice again! Can’t wait to hear him on the show!

    Good work guys. Keep those podcasts coming.