Justin Bieber Will Help Kinect Sell Millions

The Kinect has been a financially questionable device for Microsoft up till now. Microsoft has found a way to sell Kinect to millions of teenage girls.. or boys with the help of none other than young singing star, Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber recently open his concert from backstage playing the Kinect with some friends. The fun was played in front of thousands on a big screen as they waited for Bieber’s grand entrance. check it out.

  • smoke

    Justin Beiber is a F A G !

    • V8SuperCars

      HAHAHAH you got that right!

  • Leinad

    congragulations xbox owners, justin bieber supports your console!

  • Dooops

    lol , seriously though … that’s f’ing brilliant. As much as you might hate this kid. You probably just got a TON of sales with that idea.

  • Jona

    Yes!! I love Justin! I would buy it just for that reason.

  • tarbis

    Who’s justin bieber?

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  • ochoas08

    Im Sold!!! Kinect is a day one buy for me!!!!….lol…

  • Justin Gay Kinnect Gay Microsoft Gay Xbox Gay

  • Siggy

    Looks like Desz and Juice are going to line up for kinect on day 1. lol

  • V8SuperCars

    I bet every teenage girl/boys will line up, all to see the price of $149 and the console price on top plus the price of a crappy dancing game(the only thing MS is showing now as the rest of the games were a flop even this one is) freak out at the over the top price for a silly camera and go buy the latest Justin poster for the $10 they have, LMAO at MS and there useless efforts.
    My money is on in 6months they will be giving away Kinects with every console free and bundle it with games for free cause its going to be a no seller.

  • Bartek

    Sorry for my bad english. i come from poland.
    i think it’s the way to not sell kinect. Justin is a fag. i don’t like him but i’ve got xbox with kinect and this information i had in ass .